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    Windows 10 and Metro Interface Win 8.1

    I went to windows 10 a few time ago but reinstal windows 8.1 after because I have some bugs. I will do the upgrade in october. The desktop/laptop mode was really fine but I wasn't captivate by the Métro Interface. Indeed I prefer Win 8.1 metro interface. So I need your help to know if I can...
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    Battery questions/ about wear level

    Hello I have my surface 3 since one week but I have some question about the wear level of my battery With Hwv monitor, there is 2% of wear, with batterybar 1,8% and with energy report 0,98% (maximum charge rate/theorical load rate). However which is strange is that with battertbar at each...
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    Close progress to optimize Surface 3 ?

    Hello I'v buy a surface 3 one week ago and I find it very good. However the battery is not as good as possible. I've see that the surface can run 8-9 hours but I'm at 6h3à with internet, word and 35% of luminosity... So is there a problem ?? I give to you a battery report > Free - Envoyez vos...
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    Antivirus software and surface 3

    Hello I have just buy a surface 3 and I would like to know if I need a other software to protect my surface . There is already Windows defender but it is enough ? I would like a free software which not slow down the computer! Thanks for you answers ONeill29
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    Windows 10 working well on S3 2gb ?

    Hello, I will buy a surface 3, a 2 GB RAM but I have question about the upgrading 1)Do you think that a S3 2GB will support windows ? (Maybe W8.1 use less ram than W10) 2)Do you think that I must upgrade my surface just after my purchase or must I wait some months ? Indeed i have heard that...
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    Surface 3 Ram : 2gb or 4gb

    Hello, First I'm a french student so excuse my bad english and my grammar; ... I will buy a surface 3 in the next days but I don't no if the 2gb ram model is good for me; that's why I need your help ! I will use my surface 3 to go on internet, watch series, youtube, chat, e-mail, word...

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