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    Worth the upgrade?

    I tried looking around but didn't see this topic so sorry if its been asked before. I am a Surface RT user and have been very happy with it. With 8.1, its starting to show some aches and pains with speed and fluidity, especially when using Outlook, but overall its still a great functional...
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    Share feature never works anymore

    Is anyone else experiencing the share feature no longer working for them? I come across an article I want to share via email and every time I try via the share feature using Mail, it says something went wrong with the app and it cannot share at this time. It used to work well but now it never...
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    Flip ahead

    Hi all, I was slow to update and I noticed recently that the flip ahead feature seems to be working better, like it uses page caching vs. before when it was reload the whole page. Anyone else noticing that? Additionally, I find it only works when going back to the page I was viewing. I...
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    Surface RT Explorer default search engine

    Not sure this can be done, but is there any way to change the default search engine in IE to something other than Bing? It's akin to asking to change the default search engine in Chrome to something other than Google, but I thought its worth a try. Anyone?
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    RT & Pro screen comparison

    Consider this anecdotal information, but the other day I went to Best Buy and they had a Pro and an RT side by side on a table. I thought it would be a decent time to do a comparison on the screens, as that was initially one of my concerns with the RT. While you can definitely notice the HD...
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    My Surface RT review - beware it's a long one

    After spending some real world time using it, and with the new Surface Pro coming out, I thought I would give some thoughts on the SurfaceRT and my experience the past couple of months. Sorry if this is a bit long, but I’ll try my best to skip over points people have already addressed. Please...
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    Should We Be Concerned?

    I preface this with the fact that I love the Surface and I understand the RT approach. I prefer a small unit with longer battery life and don't need a full desktop OS. That being said, should we be concerned that both Samsung and ACER have decided not to make RT tablets right off the bat and...
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    Screen protector with privacy feature

    Now that I can actually use this tablet for work, I am feeling more exposed when using it in public with corporate information. Has anyone tried a screen protector that contains a privacy "film" which darkens the screen for prying eyes when not looked at directly? I have not found many, and...
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    Windows RT hacked

    Interesting read on Windows RT being hacked which may open the opportunity to run unsigned Metro apps which may open up the Win32 legacy apps...
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    Surface Guest Account

    How do you download apps from the Surface Guest account? I'd like to load some apps on the Guest account for my nieces and nephews that want to use it, but when I try my account it says it already belongs to an organization. Do I make another account with an alternate email address? I just...
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    A Tablet You Can Actually Do Work On

    So I know there have been a few negative reviews on the Surface lately, and they absolutely confuse me. Maybe they are not testing using the same criteria I would find valuable, but you have to give Microsoft credit for building a tablet you can actually work on. I'm out of the office today...
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    Splashtop - Remote Desktop update

    Here is a message I got from Splashtop, one of my favorite remote desktop apps for other tabs that I have used - ....................................................................................... MSurfaceWA, Thanks for the interest in Splashtop. We are actively working on WinRT...
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    Music player question

    I noticed that when I load a complete album on the Surface, when I choose one song on the album to play, it will just play that one song and stop. So, in order to play the last 5 songs on an album, you have to select play album and then fast forward to the 5th last song to let it play through...
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    Audio Codecs?

    Hi, does anyone know the types of audio codecs(?) or files the Surface will play? I can't find it in the specs. If I load a movie with the right video parameters, but the audio is encoded in AC3, is the surface able to play that audio? Anyone tried this? It would be nice to be able to load...

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