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    Let's Talk About the Touch Cover

    i am very impressed with touch cover, it has some awesome features: only 3mm magnetically attached protect your surface crafted from the finest Polartec full multi-touch keyboard and trackpad accelerometer velocity sensor (great for music production) windows 8 will auto adjust color...
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    Which will you get Surface 8 or Surface RT?

    well, €250-400 for RT €400-650 for 8 that sounds reasonable and fair. you get a top of the line gaming pc for around €500-700 and there is not much gaming with the surface guess they rely on the i5 internal gpu ?!
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    Asus Transformer vs Microsoft Surface

    i must admit i havent seen the the transformer book so ive checked this utube video.. must say, looks great too.. maybe even the better choice over a surface, if you like laptops
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    Asus Transformer vs Microsoft Surface

    or just the right case :) well, i dont think touchcover comes with the surface and we will need to buy one of our choice..
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    Microsoft Surface Screen Size?

    nope you cant use a pen with it, but maybe if you into finger painting :D at first i was a little shocked about the 10.6 screen but then i liked it, seems perfect.
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    MS is doing it wrong again!

    its not a touchscreen-laptop, its a touchscreen-desktop on your lap it becomes a tablet
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    Master List of Microsoft Surface Accessories

    i dont think the first gen touch cover have, at only 3mm but yeah, nice one, bluetooth and backlight keys
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    What are your current tech gadgets/devices? Post in here and let us know!

    ui ebraging, or what its called, never tried it, lets see :D HTC Mozart (wp7) iPod Touch 1st Gen (untouched) LG Optimus 3D intel i5-3570k ivy bridge windows 8 release preview on 120gb vertex+ ssd 2tb WD in external SATA case 2x 22" Samsung SyncMaster 1x 46" Sony 3D TV Logitech G13 +...
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    [video] TechnoBuffalo Microsoft Surface Hands On

    lol when they said at the presentation you guys would get your hands on one i didnt expect that.. notice people cant get close to devices xD
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    Use Magnets to put 2x Surface together? :) Touch-Book-Tablet-PC :D

    i just watched the presentation i knew it was worth the wait, surface is all i was waiting for, a real touchpad-pc i mentioned in another thread that the keyboards could need bluetooth support, not sure why they forgot about that... but when i watched the magnetic connectors, i got the...
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    Asus Transformer vs Microsoft Surface

    guys, the surface has 3 keyboards all of you forget the on-screen keyboard, so in a train situation just use that, or use the pen.. also i dont think it will take long untill first keyboards with bluetooth come out

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