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    Surface Pro 4 Core M3 vs Surface Pro 3 Core i7

    I have the SP4 M3 model and it's excellent as a work/personal machine. In fact, just about the best laptop I've owned. More than fast enough for these uses but I'm not a gamer. Only niggles are a shortage of USB ports and a few apps that don't adapt well to the high definition screen, resulting...
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    Wireless roaming on SP4

    Thanks for this. All the advice I have seen is to use the same SSID/password but different channels to avoid interference. I've just tried with the same channel - doesn't help, I'm afraid.
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    Wireless roaming on SP4

    I'm aware this has been asked before but would be grateful for news of any progress. I have two access points in my house, both using the same SSID and password but two different channels (5 and 11). My SP4 will not switch from one to the other as I move locations. In fact, once connected to...

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