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    Acer W4

    Looks like Acer officially announced the successor to the short lived W3. IPS screan and updated processor, win 8.1, but otherwise looks about the same. This should address the criticism I've heard, although it isn't enough to convince me to replace my W3. Still this makes what I consider a...
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    NVIDIA CEO says they will bring it with RT2

    This looks interesting and I have to say I am excited about the second Gen RT, link to the Engadget article
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    Acer w3 price reduced at Office Depot

    Office Depot is now selling the w3 64gig for $349 and the 32gig for $299. Their website says prices are effective through 7/20. If you were on the fence here, this might be just the extra boost you need to make it over.
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    Marathon Infinity

    Just downloaded Marathon Infinity, the game by Bungie (think that is right) that was originally for the Mac and is the pred. to the Halo franchise. I played this on my PowerBook years ago and it is pretty cool to revisit it. Now free, Open Source I believe, you can grab it here (complete) ...
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    Onenote vs Windows Journal

    For taking handwritten notes I was playing around with Journal for the first time in quite a while. It is all about ink and is incredible for a tablet. I have OneNote as well, and it is indispensable to me, but as far as inking goes it seems it isn't quite the optimum solution. They have done an...
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    Wacom digitizer Windows 8 vs Galaxy Note 10.1

    I had an opportunity today to spend a considerable amount of time with a Samsung Ativ 500, an Atom based tablet if you are not familiar with it, and my main concern was to compare the stylus input of this device and the Galaxy Note 10.1. I assume the experience will be similar to the Surface Pro...
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    Feedback in Metro apps, specifically xbox music

    Have a strange problem, when switching songs in xbox music app I get feedback, even though the sound is fine while playing. Noticed this also with a youtube app. At first I thought this has to be a hardware problem but when I accessed youtube through the desktop IE there is no problem. Also on...
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    Free Storage Space increased after last couple of updates

    A couple weeks ago I noticed after the Tuesday patch/updates my free space had increased about 800megs, to almost exactly 12gigs, and after last weeks updates I notice I have 13gigs free. The initial gain I figured had to do with finishing the Office updates, but I wonder if Microsoft is...
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    New Surface RT Owner, Unexpected but Oddly Satisfying

    Last week I got together with a friend and surprisingly enough the subject of tablets came up. She told me she had bought a Surface tablet in early December and has been a little unhappy with it. She apparently hadn't done a lot of research before buying it, and it was just a little more...

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