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    Lexar 128 microsd

    I had bad luck with the 128 sandisk, it works for backups but when I try to use it as a disk and do lots of reads/writes it failed miserably. Wondering if anyone has tried this one yet? On sale today...
  2. J

    Docking station w/USB hard wired keyboard

    Anyone else able to use their USB keyboard without having to unplug the keyboard? Don't know if it's just this HP keyboard or if anyone else has had this problem? Every time I put the surface 3 in the doc I have to cycle the USB by unplugging and re-plugging the USB connector. Don't have...
  3. J

    CMOS battery problem?

    Anyone have any issues with their SP3 not holding the time/date? Happening to me randomly. This morning after hibernate the clock still had last nights day and time. I've had to create a task scheduler item for time resynchronization each time after hibernate to deal with this.
  4. J

    Bitdefender crashing

    Every time I rotate my SP3 i5. Anyone else?
  5. J

    Trying to order a complete warranty

    Anyone had this error on the payment screen when trying to order a complete warranty for the SP3? I've been trying all week and this pops up: Buy Service Plan An error occurred. Please try again. An error occurred. Please try again. Do l need to add a credit card ahead of the purchase? Don't...

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