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    Why Does SP2/Power Cover Charge, Then Discharge While Not In Use?

    I find that if I leave my SP2/Power Cover "charging" for a couple of days or so, even though it's charger light has gone out, the SP2 itself may show a 100% charge, the Power Cover sometimes shows practically no charge, or just a very few percent? I make it a point to open Task Manager just...
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    Can't Update Windows With My SP2??

    When I check for updates and try to install the "1 Important update" here on my SP2, it starts, but then fails over and over. It says "Code 800706BE", whatever that means. Otherwise, the machine works fine. What's its problem here anyway?
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    Why Do My Audio F1, F2, and F3 Keys No Longer Work?

    I'm just now noticing that my audio F1, F2, and F3 keys on my Power Cover no longer work. As I doing something totally dumb here or is there something like an "audio lock" (as in cap & num))that I've accidentally pushed, or not pushed? As a matter of fact, when I press the F1 key, I get a...
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    Fully Charged Power Cover's Battery Discharges Down to 40% Overnight, Huh?

    I am noticing a very aggravating issue. After a full charge (100% on both SP@ and Power Cover), if left off overnight, the Power Cover's battery is only showing a 40% charge...WTF? This renders the Power Cover's usefulness almost zero for my applications. Is this the way it's supposed to work?
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    Seems That Power Cover Battery Level Drops Very Fast?

    I'm noticing that when I start using my SP2 with its Power Cover (both @ 100% charge), that the Power Cover's battery level starts dropping like a rock for whatever reason. Within a couple of hours of just web surfacing or other un-demanding use, its level goes down to 50% or lower. I'm...
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    Why Does My Desktop Photo Keeps Dissapearing?

    I find that for some reason, my desktop photo keeps disappearing when I start up up my SP2. I simply get a solid black background with my desktop icons on it. It seems that this problem occurs more often if I have totally "shut down" the SP2, than if it had been just put to "sleep". Is there a...
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    What's The Problem Here Anyway?

    What I'm trying to figure out, is the reason why it is so difficult for Microsoft to simply make it possible to completely charge BOTH the SP2's own internal battery, PLUS the Power Cover's battery, while the Surface is totally SHUT DOWN... this apparently can not happen unless you leave the...
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    Using Logitech Ultrathin T630 Mouse with SP2

    I have been using a Logitech Ultrathin T630 mouse with my SP2 for a month or so now and have found it far superior to the Microsoft Arc Touch mouse I had been using earlier. The only problem that I find a bit aggravating with it, is the fact that, for some reason, while surfing the web or...
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    Is it OK?

    'Just wondering if there's any detrimental effect to leaving the SP2's charger unit plugged into a wall socket all the time? I realize it's probably costing me a bit of electricity, but does it hurt the charger itself? I've noticed the supplied charger for the SP2 isn't even offered at the...
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    Would This Be Possible.. Or Practical?

    After just reading another forum member's post concerning "battery wear", I was just wondering, if the SP2's internal battery has worn itself down by 4% within 16 charges or so, would it be practical to use the Power Cover continuously, never let it's battery "zero out" and prevent the SP2's...
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    Charger Cable Light?

    I have been talking to MS tech weenies trying to figure out just why my Power Cover doesn't want to "top up" it's charge to 100% unless it AND the internal PS2's batteries are really low. In other words, if just the PC's battery is down to 20% or so and I hook up the charger, after an hour or...
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    Power Cover Charging Quirks

    I have the new Power Cover and am learning to like it, even without the back-lit keys. One odd little thing that I am noticing though, is the fact, that if I attempt to recharge it (SP2 & Power Cover of course) before I have ran BOTH batteries almost completely down, the Power Cover battery...
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    Hulu Driver Issue Easy Fix!

    I just got off the phone with a Microsoft technician concerning the Hulu / Intel driver problem. This mornings "update" DIDN'T fix it, by the way. But anyway, here's the simple fix he did for me after a long consultation with his cohorts: Open DEVICE MANAGER>Display adapters>driver...
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    Power Cover Discharge Rate a Bit Concerning

    After a full charge, I'm noticing that my SP2 128gb with Power Cover runs down the Power Cover battery to 20% in just a couple of hours of use. Of course the internal battery is still showing 100%, but this seems a bit extreme to me. Is this the way it's supposed to work?
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    Surface Pro 2 All Dressed Up!

    Since the SP2's finish can be so easily damaged, I decided to get mine a Skinomi Carbon Fiber skin just to avoid scrapes and marks. I was really more concerned with protection than appearance although the finished product looks pretty spiffy to me. I've used Skinomi products in the past on...
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    "Balanced" or "Power Saver"?

    Do you find that the "Balanced" or the "Power Saver" setting works best for you in terms of getting the best overall battery life from Your Surface Pro 2 and why?
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    How's Your New Power Cover Working?

    I am wondering if the owners of the new Power Cover are really liking it, are you finding issues that you don't like? I got mine late today, and I'm just beginning to start playing with it. One strange little quirk I'm already seeing though, is the fact that that if I've got a full 100% charge...
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    Processor Differences in Surface Pro 2 Units?

    What's the big deal and big differences between the 4200U and 4300U processors? My SP2 has the 4200U and so far so good. Are the 4200U's somehow inferior or defective? Seems like everybody wants only the 4300U's Is that just because they're the latest greatest or what?
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    No Hulu After Last Update?

    I find I can no longer open Hulu after the last update. All I get when I try is "We're Sorry, An Error Occurred (DJ1)". Is anybody else getting this or is it just something with my Surface?
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    A Little Poll: Are You A Power Cover Person??

    I have to admit that I jumped right in there and pre-ordered my Power Cover, which MS Store assures me will actually arrive here on next Wednesday. But I'm just wondering how much enthusiasm is really out there for it. I was rather disappointed that MS decided not to light it, that almost...

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