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  1. Sin

    Not every app available

    Open the Windows Store and then Settings - Preferences and turn both 'Make it easier to find apps in my preferred language' and 'Make it easier to find apps that include features' off. This should improve your search results.
  2. Sin

    App to read this forum is now in the store!

    Thanks for the nice app. Looks very nice so far! Sent from Boards for Windows on Windows 8
  3. Sin

    Office for Surface Pro

    Really depends on what you use and how many devices you use it on. If it wasn't for my companies participation in Home Use Program, I would get Office 365. $100/year for 5 devices versus $400 for one device, seems like a pretty good deal to me. Compare Microsoft Office products -
  4. Sin

    Errors listed in Event Viewer

    Mine is always littered, but most I'm unaware of until I look at the event viewer.
  5. Sin

    Amazon has 60% off Sandisk SSD's and SDCard's today.

    Thanks for the heads up. Might pick up another card.
  6. Sin

    Microsoft lauch iPad vs. Windows website

    I like it! I don't think most people really have no idea what the differences really are.
  7. Sin

    Hi There... New Pro Owner!

    Welcome to the forum. As for the Surface phone, I would love one as well, but I wouldn't hold my breath. It doesn't make sense for Microsoft at this time. It would be put Microsoft in direct competition against Nokia, which would strain the partnership they have formed and would be huge hit...
  8. Sin

    Surface Pro wifi issue

    Have you tried turning airplane mode on and then off again?
  9. Sin

    Bringing my Surface Pro up to Speed

    The back button in the Metro / Modern UI is in the upper left corner. If your viewing a video, it might hide, but tap there and it will display again.
  10. Sin

    News360 - Excellent News Reader

    Has Discourse been improved. I bought when it first came out and quickly determined that it was terrible. I found it painful to read though a large feed. No easy way to switch from one article to the next. It also didn't update Google Reader, which description implied, but all it did was import...
  11. Sin

    What's with the two different virtual keyboards?

    When it's not on the on-screen keyboard you only need to hit the &123 key in the lower left to toggle to the number and symbols screen.
  12. Sin


    Great to know that it does work. I agree that I prefer gps on my phone just out of habit and convenience.
  13. Sin

    Bowing out for now

    Time demand is always understandable. I still try and keep up here, but I'm not on everyday due to work/home demands. Hope to see you around.
  14. Sin

    Hi All!

    Welcome, hope you enjoy the new device!
  15. Sin

    Does Anyone Really Care About the Start Menu?

    Bragging? Not at all. Has Microsoft completely miss-handled the mobile market? Absolutely! They followed right after Palm who also completely blew it. They had the dominate position and squandered it. But that doesn't change the fact that Microsoft is actually doing pretty well for completely...
  16. Sin

    Show Virtual Keyboard Automatically

    Is the address bar on the top (desktop) or the bottom (Metro)?
  17. Sin

    Where have my People Gone?

    Glad you have your contacts on your Surface. Hope they all stay up to date and synced. Sorry you have had so much trouble. This should be simpler, but unfortunately is not that seamless.
  18. Sin

    Does Anyone Really Care About the Start Menu?

    You might want to take a look at how Windows Phone is actually doing. Windows Phone Strengthens*Third-Place*Position Against iPhone, Android - Forbes Also you can't seriously base anything on what Sprint does or does not carry?
  19. Sin

    Elusive on screen keyboard

    I was also not able to find the video ArnoldC posted, but it's around here somewhere. The other options are to change your default editor in the forum under Settings - General Settings - Message Editor Interface to Enhanced WYSIWYG and the on-screen keyboard should behave better or you set the...

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