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  1. JC8865

    New Member - Surface Pro 6

    I got that old laptop when win8 first came out then I upgraded it to win 10 then the DVD drive failed..and its too old now to recognize my 5G wifi and only 1 usb port works on was still useable if was plugged into the router but wirelessly it was useless so I took the plunge on my...
  2. JC8865

    SSD Tips?

    This is the first device I have had that has an SSD so Im looking for some tips on keeping it in top shape. I do know your not supposed to defrag it but what about using CCleaner for cleaning up old files? Anyway any tips and or things to avoid would be great. Thanks! JC
  3. JC8865

    New Member - Surface Pro 6

    Hello member here..just got a Surface Pro 6 and have spent the day getting it all set up with the win 10 updates getting my printer to work etc etc. So far I am loving it. Its definetely going to take me awhile to get used to as I'm coming from an older win 8 laptop that half the...

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