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    Any problems using this memory card in my S2P ?

    That's what I am using in mine so I would say you shouldn't have any problems.
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    Bluetooth/Arc Mouse Surface problems

    Is anyone experiencing Bluetooth issues? I purchased the Arc Mouse to use with my Surface 2 and since first pairing it repeatedly loses connection to the Surface. At first I thought it was the batteries or the mouse so I put new batteries in and didn't help, turning off Bluetooth and trying to...
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    Surface 2 Cover

    mine has never been close to being dropped or knocked into anything. Since I bought it its pretty much gone from my desk to my lap and back again.
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    Surface 2 Cover

    mine is doing this too, in the upper right corner - near the power button.
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    32 GB version enough?

    So doing what is on that link shows that I don't have a recovery partition...does that sound right? This is a new Surface 2.
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    32 GB version enough?

    So how does one do this?
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    Kindle app

    Where does the Kindle app store the books that are downloaded to the Surface and is there any way to have them save and stored to the SD card? I though to had seen a post about saving files stored by apps to SD card but can't locate it now.
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    Two New ‘Accessories’

    I just picked up the Arc Touch Mouse Surface and I think its great. If you travel a lot like I do the ability to fold the mouse flat and carry in your computer bag is a huge deal, in my opinion much more so than F/B buttons. consider that you can right click to get those commands easily so...
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    Surface Case Reviews

    Oddly enough I just received mine today as well, black but not sure the color makes a difference. My SP2 and Type2 cover fit great in it and the flap stays shut. I do think its the perfect size for carrying around when I don't want my computer and computer bag with me, like a meeting to meeting...
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    New to Surface and Forum

    Hi all, I am new to the Surface and the forum - Surface 2 and Type Cover 2. Was an iPhone, iPad & Mac user for years but still using PC based laptops for work. Was getting a little iTired and went with a Windows Phone about 4 months ago and real glad I did. From the WP I am giving the iPad to...

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