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    Voice to text in native screen keyboard?

    I've been using Win Speech Recognition and find it kind of lame. Too many times it doesn't understand me. I've gone through the tutorial at least twice. I want something better.
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    Loose Screen

    Nope, mine seems fine.
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    how do you lay the surface down ?

    I have scratches on my kick stand. However I did drop it once. Not sure if that's what did it. Glad I bought the warranty protection plan.
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    Trim and Save video

    I figured it out. I went into the "Photos" app instead of the "camera icon" app. Once in the Photos app, it gave me options for trimming, saving, and others.
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    Trim and Save video

    I took video with my Surface 2 Pro and while watching it, I came across the "Trim" button. I can move the Trim slider, but I don't know now to make it "Mark" a start and end point. There's nothing that says "Set Start Point" or "End Point". And if I figure that out, how do I tell it to "Save"...

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