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    How to put a dvd onto rt?

    Hi Can anybody tell me the the best way to to convert dvds and play them on my rt please? Any free converters that work? Cheers
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    Shortcuts on desktop

    Hi is it possible to add shortcuts to the desktop or taskbar on the rt? ie Like adding 'computer' like on a pc desktop? Can pin things to the start but the only thing on my desktop is the recycle bin Cheers Rich
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    format or reset factory settings on RT

    Hi Can anyone tell me how to format or reset an rt to it original factory settings please? Having problems with the microsoft account and its come to the stage where Ive removed the account in the settings but the account seems to still exist when I restart the rt? So Im thinking starting...
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    Bluestacks for rt

    Hi Im sorry if this has been asked before but does Bluestacks work on the Surface rt? I was told it does by the guy in the shop where I bought it that it does but whenever I try and install it I get a error message? Any help would be great Cheers Rich

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