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    In Search of a Small USB 3 Powered Hub w Ethernet for SP3

    Im looking for a small powered USB 3 Hub with Ethernet to use on an SP3. I've had a Diamond MM one for a couple of years that has started to fall apart, so I'd like something a bit better built. Are there any powered hubs that could use the USB port on the SP3 charge block to provide power...
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    Ideal CPU/Power config for Windows 10 on SP1

    I have an SP1 running Windows 10 that has been a test rig ever since purchasing my SP3 last year. Ive decided to gift it to a relative who has a Surface RT, and would like to know if there are any power management and CPU tweaks i could do on 10 to help the battery last and keep the SP1 cool. my...
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    First Person Shooter with LAN Support?

    I'm taking 2 SP3's on a trip to a place that won't have internet. I will have a local LAN switch with me and want to know if there are any good First Person Shooters for Windows 10 + SP3 that allow for LAN playing and maybe even have bots to play against?
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    Surface Pro 3 Flickering

    I've noticed that *maybe* after last week's updated I'm getting a noticeable amount of flickering in my SP3 - if I'm surfing or anything then there will be these split second blacking of the screen. Has anyone else noticed this recently ? Have there been any updates to video drivers etc. as...
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    How To Test Network Throughput?

    How are you guys testing the network throughput of the wireless connection? After reading here about the wireless speed issues Id like to pass some instructions on to a couple of friends that just got their SP3s. Thanks in advance!

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