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    Hi all, I have my surface almost a year now, and I am enjoying it so far. However, since about a month, my battery is acting weird. It drains very fast, it gets warm when I am hardly doing anything. Since this week, my surface will automatically shut down if my battery is at 20% left(cfr...
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    Type cover 4-clicking sound

    Hi, I noticed today my 's' key making a clicking sound(the key still works), clearly a different sound than pressing every other key. Someone else has it too?
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    Java eclipse resolution

    Hi, So far I am enjoying the surface pro 4. I just got a question/problem. After I installed Java eclipse, i noticed that the icons in the menu balk of the program were very small due to the high resolution and dpi. I searched online and it is a known problem for high res screens(I tried...
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    Surface pro 4-Noise

    Hi, I just have got my surface pro 4. It is a really fantastic device, I have no display crashes, freezes and battery life is quite good. However, I have one thing that 'concerns' me. During the Treshold 2 update, my fans were quite loud. After that, I haven't heard my fans kicking on(since I...
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    American Surface pro 4 in Europe

    Hi, I live in Belgium(Europe) and I am going to the USA next week. Since the surface pro 4 is a lot cheaper in the USA(€200 cheaper), I was planning to buy a surface pro 4 there. However, I have read that with the surface pro 3 there were problems with the Wifi, because there are problems with...
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    Surface pro 4 i5: 4gb or 8gb RAM?

    Hello all, I am planning to buy a surface pro 4 for college, but i don't know which configuration is the best for me. I am studying civil engineer at the university of Ghent(Belgium), so I would use the surface pro 4 as my pc. I would use it for taking notes, programming in java/matlab, and...

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