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    Intermittent TypeCover

    Hello, I have been experiencing recently (after the last firmware change) an issue where I will be in the middle of using my TypeCover and it will totally STOP functioning. The Screen will still respond. I have to disconnect and reconnect the TypeCover and it starts functioning again. Is...
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    TRIM Enabled by default on Windows 8 for Surface?

    Hello, I have a fairly general tech question regarding Windows 8 and The Surface. By default does Microsoft enable TRIM on Windows 8 for SSDs? Also... Does the Surface have it enabled? Thanks! Curious. I think it's what the maintenance is doing every so often.. Optimizing the...
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    Skydrive and explorer

    Honestly, yes it is very simple. I am staggered that so many folks are missing this. I think the metro SkyDrive app leaves a lot to be desired. I use the SkyDrive app for windows. Log into and click apps. Get the windows or desktop app. It.hooks right into explorer. Sounds like all...
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    Screen Clean

    Hello, I am very much so in love with my new Pro. However I have a GENERAL touch screen cleaning question. Microsoft provides fairly generic cleaning ideas for the Surface. I typically use microfiber towels. They do an amazing job of cleaning the smudges and oil off the screen. HOWEVER I...
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    MS warranty?

    You can indeed buy it after the fact as I did with my pro. Enter your SN... Purchase and you're done!
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    Regrettably, returning my second Surface Pro ...

    I've noticed a lot of light leaking as well. I think its honestly a product of the product.. Sorry to hear your dissatisfaction.
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    Howdy From Ohio!

    New member just enjoying my Pro 128!
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    anyone else noticed the pro emitting humming noise?

    I noticed the same thing. The sound is a close call between an electric ''errrrrr'' sound and a noise fan bearing. The fan towards the right side its noticeable at the top... in a quiet room or if you put your ear up to it. Here's my post from When the surface gets amped...

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