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    Riser/Arm for desktop usage?

    Hey all, I wonder if anyone's come across a good laptop riser or monitor arm type device for holding the surface pro 2 upright to use it as a second screen next to a monitor on my desk? I've come across a few...
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    New(ish) Surface Pro 2 user

    Hi all, I'm a relatively new user of the Surface family of products, having bought my Surface Pro 2 in December to replace an ageing laptop, iMac and Galaxy Note 10.1 (2012 edition). I'm very happy overall with the device, despite having just about every widely-reported issue (inaccurate...
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    Surface Pro 2 + after market skin - replacement possibilities?

    Hi all, I recently bought a Surface Pro 2 and then bought a skinomi carbon fiber skin to cover it, protecting from scratches, and in my opinion, improving the look and feel of the device. The adhesive on the skin is very strong and does not appear easy to remove once set. The problem...

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