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    Surface Pro 3 cheaper?

    thanks you two!
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    Surface Pro 3 cheaper?

    Hi guys, I consider buying a Pro 3 (rather than waiting for the 4) as I´m on a tight budget. (I use it only for some Office, OneNote, Yt, movies, but want to replace my heavy notebook with a light laplet) So I found a site where the Pro 3 i3 64GB costs 755$/670€. I was wondering whether the...
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    Buy Pro 3 or wait for Pro 4

    Hey guys, I m considering buying the Pro 3 as its price has gone down to an affordable level for me. The problem is there are quite a lot of rumors about the upcoming Pro 4... so what is your opinion? Should I wait for the Pro 4 or buy the Pro 3? What do you think how much will the Pro 4...

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