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    Battery drain in "shut down" modus

    Hi, my SF 3 drains battery even when it is shut down. So after not used it for one day and I had shut it down (long press power button, then pull down screen to shut down) I'm left with 12-20% battery though it was 100% when shut down. I don't mind loosing 10% for whatever reasons but more than...
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    New User with challenges

    Hi Jeff, thanks. I have decided to re-apply tomorrow the Corporate image, the first time I did without wired network connection. With my newly acquired 3.0 usb hub with ethernet the setup should be more stable. But - to be prepared what is the best strategy and settings to deal with the MS...
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    New User with challenges

    Hi, after I left Windows 8 years ago I'm back with the Pro 3 (i5 256GB). But I have to say I struggle and like my new toy. I have copied a corporate image from my company for a project. FIrst I forgot to create a recovery image and I understand from this forum there is no easy way to revert to...

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