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  1. Aurelio

    Reserve your copy of 10

    Agree!!! I think this is just one way for them to see how many people are interest in change to Win10, so they can use those numbers in conferences etc..
  2. Aurelio

    Bluetooth Mouse for Surface Pro 3

    I'm using this one also!!! Really Good! I liked the design and how you do to turn off and on!
  3. Aurelio

    Different warranty periods for different models?

    Noup... I got all together! That's ok.... one year for the keyboard it's ok, the problem if it was the other way!!!! 2 years on the keyboard and only one in the Surface aehhaehaehae
  4. Aurelio

    Different warranty periods for different models?

    Where I can see my Warranty status? Link for Microsoft WebPage?! Thanks Guys! PS= I want to check because when I bought it, I got with Extended Warranty, from 1 to 2 years! PS2= Founded!!!!! Never Mind guys! And the Extra...
  5. Aurelio

    1TB SSD upgrade

    OOwwwww.... Nice! Nice to see that, the Surface is Easier to upgrade than MacBooks (the new ones)
  6. Aurelio

    Microcenter getting a special "batch" of i5 128GB tablets, is MS trying to make fools of customers?

    I have the Other SSD (Not the Samsung) And I did the test with AS SSD and was giving me Write speed of 103Mb/s Sooooo....... I Disable the Bitlocker, restart the Surface...........aaannnnndddddddd..... 303Mb/s!!!!!!! Very nice!!
  7. Aurelio

    Traveling with the SP3, +1

    You are using the Arc Touch mouse (The one you flip "click" flat to turn off and bend again to turn on???) I have this one, sometimes have this issue that I need to turn off and on again.
  8. Aurelio

    Hello from a (nearly former) Mac user

    I'm a Apple guy also, eve a Manager of Authorized Apple Store in Cruise ships. But the Surface Pro 3 is amazing, and now I'm using it much more than my macs.... hahahahahaa And for 2 years now I'm using Windows Phone also. I still like a lot Apple.... but i'm in love with SP3, the touch, Pen+...
  9. Aurelio

    What is your average battery life on your SP3?

    Here it is my report after a fe wmonths with my SP3.... I Think the battery now is calibrated (even if my Wear % is between 0.5% and 2.4%, it keep changinf hahahaha) But my battery life is doing good!!! No complains!!!
  10. Aurelio

    Battery Report not working any more?!

    Like magic (and after a few updates) now it's working again.
  11. Aurelio

    SP3 pen question,please help

    You sure your Bluetooth is on and the PEN is paired?
  12. Aurelio

    Poll Which internet browser do you use?

    For me it's a mix of Firefox and IE Metro.
  13. Aurelio

    questions about the screen technology

    1) in Battery - 45% - on the power 100% 2) Could be because of the resolution, for me it's ok. I use here the scale @ 125% if I use less than 45% of brightness is horrible for me. 3) Any % for me look very sharp. Awesome screen this SP3 have. 4) Here I use a few METRO Apps, a lot Firefox (in...
  14. Aurelio

    Phone charging with power supply USB port

    I use USB on the charger (SP3) for my Phone Lumia 1520, and no problems here.
  15. Aurelio

    please tell me theres an easier way of taking screenshots in metro

    So far I couldn't found it, I don't use this OneNote, is very limited!! :(
  16. Aurelio

    trackpad constantly freezing up

    I love the magictrackpad, so for me is difficult also to use the trackpad in the type cover! About the delay.... Have one option that you can set for ZERO the delay (or something like that), normally they have by default one short delay to avoid that you "click" by mistake!
  17. Aurelio

    please tell me theres an easier way of taking screenshots in metro

    About the Button on the pen, get sure your Bluetooth is on! Another think, you can configure (in OneNote 2013 Desktop) what happen when you press this button 2x. If goes directly to OneNote or if stay in the clipboard and you later just PASTE!
  18. Aurelio

    Battery Report not working any more?!

    I tried both!! :(
  19. Aurelio

    Battery Report not working any more?!

    Hello guys. I'm using the BatteryBar for a few days already and it give me one idea of my battery life in hours.... very good and I'm enjoying it. But sometimes I like to take a look on my Battery report on CMD. the thing is: Now I noticed that when I paste the comand line: powercfg...
  20. Aurelio

    Type Cover mouse pad randomly stops working?

    It happened with me today.... I just turn off the screen and turn on again (using the power button) Problems solved!! heheheheheheh

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