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    Volume Rocker not working because of the updates.

    I found what was causing it. The new Wacom Driver update,after I installed it I lost the ability to change the volume using the rocker,seems to be a bug on the driver itself,I will report it to Wacom.
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    Volume Rocker not working because of the updates.

    2 weeks ago the volume rocker on my SP2 stopped working,I tried to solve it but at the end I had to use a recovery image to reinstall windows (that was in fact 3 hours ago). After that it worked again...until I started installing the updates,now is not working anymore (again). Anyone else has...
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    Help going back to windows 8.1 from W10.

    Yesterday I installed the technical preview of W10 on my SP2,obviosly I made a recovery drive on a USB before. Now I want to go back to windows 8.1 but the recovery drive I made is not working, when I select which OS I want to restore in the boot menu "Windows Technical Preview" always appears...
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    About scratches and warranties.

    Ok so this is what happened. While traveling to New York I bought a 128gb SP2 for my wife as a gift for her birthday at best buy. A week ago I gave it to her, everything was fine the first 3 or 4 days but yesterday she told me that the touch screen stopped working,i checked it and she was...
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    Refresh rate issue "flickering" text in SP2.

    Yeah maybe is that. Thanks for the responses and sorry for not knowing how to explain myself properly. But since this seems to be normal I guess I have to get used to it. Maybe it's because of how sharp the screen is that I'm able to notice this more in the SP2. And I understand...
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    Refresh rate issue "flickering" text in SP2.

    Yes it happens during the jump back animation,but is not the animation itself that bothers me. I don't seem to explain myself properly. When I scroll text (horizontally or vertically) text seems to "blink" while scrolling as the text moves. In my other devices this happens but the blinking...
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    Refresh rate issue "flickering" text in SP2.

    I don't think that this is the delay that you are talking about. I notice this in almost all my devices (Laptop,android tablet etc) but it seems kinda worse in the SP2 (and as I said it's actually more noticeable in the start menu) Is not that difficult to reproduce the issue. Just do...
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    Refresh rate issue "flickering" text in SP2.

    I just noticed something. While I'm navigating the Metro interface in my SP2 text seems to "flicker" (that's the correct term?) Is like a little vibration in the text caused by the movement. I notice it more navigating the metro interface but I can see it using other applications. I...
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    Inaccuracy Problem near the Taskbar?

    So do you think that if I buy the Wacom bamboo stylus the accuracy will be better? I don't know why Microsoft is so cheap regarding the pen,I know many other people that uses the surface to draw and they say that the pen that comes with the SF2 is of bad quality,I think I just confirmed that.
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    Headphones problem/bug

    I think I discovered a bug regarding the headphones on my surface pro 2. when I try to connect my headphones sometimes the surface doesn't detect them and the speakers sound instead of the headphones. and the reverse happens too, sometimes even when my headphones are disconnected the...
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    Inaccuracy Problem near the Taskbar?

    Yeah sorry I posted it in the wrong category and I didn't knew how to delete it. But then...there's no way to fix this?
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    Inaccuracy Problem near the Taskbar?

    I've had 2 surface pro with the same problem. It doesn't matter how much I calibrate it and the methods, there seems to be a zone of the surface (at the center near the bottom, where the taskbar is) that always seems to be inaccurate. I know about the corner problems, but I fixed it...
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    Pen Inaccuracy in the bottom part of the surface pro 2

    Deleted message. Wrong Category.
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    Surface Tweak Tool for Surface Pro 2 - Release!

    I want to thank you for this tool, really helpful. But I would want to know/request some things. 1st is that during the calibration the pen cursor not always disappears, and that seems to make the calibration a bit more inaccurate for me. 2nd is that after doing the 307 point calibration the...

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