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    otterbox type bump case for Pro?

    I use the Urban Armor Gear case for my pro. Best case ever imp for it. The backing has the perfect grip on any surface. Check it out. I believe I got it from amazon for like 40 or so.
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    Convince me to keep my SP3

    Look in firmware section. Then another smaller list of things will show. Its in one of those. Try right-click long on each one. Then look in properties.
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    Convince me to keep my SP3

    Device Manager. You can get to it through Control panel.
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    New Firmware - July 8, 2014

    I thought your name looked familiar. From the Transformer Prime saga on prime was a great device. Just that WiFi performance was affected by all metal back.
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    Convince me to keep my SP3

    Don't give into all that talk around here. This is a forum so of course mostly people with issues going to post because they want a solution. there are likely way more that have units that work fine. If yours work fine, and you like it, then keep it. Don't let paranoia get you. Btw, I have an...
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    iPad Users Habits

    Haha. I miss jailbreaking my ipad1 to lift restrictions and add a file system. Apple needs to just go on and incorporate IFiles into IOS. once I put ifiles on my Ipad, I was doing everything apple didn't want me doing with It works great and very simple to use. But apple had too...
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    Power supply

    Lol @ you all
  8. D Site Software Upgrade

    Please add some more color. Or a darker theme. I thought I did something to change look on accident. Lol
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    Some Apple reliability perspective.........not all rosey toeszies

    Actually for exact same reasons. The newer Ipad increased resolution on 3rd. But used same processor, basically. So ipad2 was actually performing better due to lower resolution being pushed.
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    Running out of memory while gaming on 4gb / 128

    I have pro1 and play wolf, from steam. I don't get memory warning. Mines 4gb/128gb ram edition. Now when I play stuff like Crisis or whatever on my pro, then those messages pop up at times. I'm usually able to ignore message and still play though.
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    Is This Finally the End for the Surface

    That's the power profile. I guess if enough voice their opinion on the need for maximum performance, at the cost of battery life, an update might include it. People having any luck using Intel extreme utility to change throttle temps, etc..?
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    Is This Finally the End for the Surface

    I'd gladly trade my Pro1, which hasn't had not 1 issue since I got it, to someone not satisfied with pro3. ;) Most issues I'm seeing can be handled firmware wise. Lots have already been addressed through update. To the gamers, are you trying to push these games at the pro3 full resolution or...
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    Intel Releases Updated Generic Drivers for Intel HD4000 Graphics, Fixes Bugs

    Try downloading the zip file version. Then unzip it. Then update through device manager way. Pointing the device to unpackaged Intel driver file. It should work that way. Bit this updated driver didn't come from a regular pro update though. You have to manually add this driver.
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    Intel Releases Updated Generic Drivers for Intel HD4000 Graphics, Fixes Bugs

    its very close, as far as version number goes. I haven't tried the pro2 one and don't know if its specificially for pro2 hd4400 graphics or compatible with ours also. but according to intel, the one I mentioned is the latest for the HD4000. you would have to read release notes on pro2 one to...
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    Intel Releases Updated Generic Drivers for Intel HD4000 Graphics, Fixes Bugs

    NEW FEATURES :  Intel® Graphics Control Panel has now been updated with below improvements o Improved responsiveness and faster launch o A new tile - ‘profiles’ has been introduced in the Graphics control panel to allow users to save/share/import settings  Intel graphics control...
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    Intel Releases Updated Generic Drivers for Intel HD4000 Graphics, Fixes Bugs

    In case you didn't know, there is a newer release out for HD4000 graphics. supposedly new power boost and battery savings. ive updated and running well so far. adds new options in HD control panel also. latest version should be DRIVER VERSION: . like a may release date. device...
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    Desperately searching for time and date stamp feature in a camera app

    Wouldn't a possible workaround be using your phone or cam and just cutting on that feature within it? I know most phones let u do that and I would assume most cams let you enable time and date stamp to be shown. Then just transfer all pix to pro to add to your reports.
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    Deterrent to buy the SP3?

    That reference design tablet has been circulating around for a while now. It sounds good but no where near ready to release. Best believe MS will likely be the first to release a tablet like this, in the form of Sp4 likely. But id expect the Broadwell chips to go in pro3 around Christmas time...
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    Surface Pro 3 may have thunderbolt!

    If it truly did, you would be able to find it in device manager in pro3
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    Surface Pro 3 may have thunderbolt!

    Sorry to rain on parade but I don't think so. Take a look here. At post #653 Surface Pro 3 Discussion Thread - Page 66

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