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  1. Chubnut

    Bluetooth mouse will MURDER your WIFI speed!

    Just did these tests on my network and it's pretty much identical (average wise) Bluetooth on/off results, marginally better on download for on but delay is better for BT off. The BT mouse I was using was a Razor Orochi. Upload was identical. Sent from my Windows 8 device using Board Express Pro
  2. Chubnut

    MS pulls Win 8.1 RT update from the Store

    Updated my RT on Friday and it's been working beautifully! Was looking forward to doing my desktop at work tomorrow. Wonder why it's been pulled? Have had a few fairly big updates since Friday but haven't yet seen what they were for. Hope the update comes back for tomorrow Sent from my...
  3. Chubnut

    Win 8.1: Skydrive

    So far, after the upgrade, the Skydive app seems to be working as it was prior to the upgrade. I've not noticed anything detrimental. I didn't have the preview before though, so not sure if you did and if that makes any difference Sent from my Windows 8 device using Board Express Pro
  4. Chubnut

    No iTunes Metro App For Windows 8

    There are a few flavours to Helium. I'm using the Network version which can use a SQL server database and it's a relational format. It can use Compact or MySQL too. I like the way I can get right into the tags of the tracks and the tools built in means it will get the track/album/artist...
  5. Chubnut

    No iTunes Metro App For Windows 8

    iTunes is rubbish as a music database tool. I don't use it to sync to the iPod either. Helium Music Manager does everything iTunes does and vastly more and much better too. However, wouldn't want to store my music on the RT or a Pro as it's over 150gb Sent from my Windows 8 device using Board...
  6. Chubnut

    Third Party Chargers

    So this has finally turned up at the office. They did quote a month on that postage free option and a month it has been. It's cheap and cheerful. Plugged it in to a wall socket first and a blue light on the plug itself came on so good start! Plugged it in to the RT and it began charging. There...
  7. Chubnut

    Will a UK Keyboard Work on a Surface Pro Bought in the US?

    Jimsin, I bought my RT in the States but the keyboard in the UK. I can confirm all works fine. Welcome to the forum Sent from my Windows 8 device using Board Express Pro
  8. Chubnut

    Surface Case Reviews

    Incipio Case with the US charger and some addtional bits (as above). So as you can see it does bulk up, but not as much as to make it too bulky.
  9. Chubnut

    Patch Tuesday Today

    Yeah, have continued to repeat the update check but still nothing, so either it snuck in and I missed it or it's still not available here in the UK. I'd lean more toward it sneeking in! Cheers anyway
  10. Chubnut

    Patch Tuesday Today

    Yep got these now but no firmware update :( Sent from my Windows 8 device using Board Express Pro
  11. Chubnut

    Surface Case Reviews

    TBH, I have a lot of crap in that pouch. Two pens (Dagi 603 and a cheap rubber tip one), 2 cables (Mini/Full HDMI and USB, cleaning cloth, 2 sets of headphones (?????!!!! Why????). When I get home, I'll tidy it up and put the charger back in and take a photo for you with the RT in the sleeve...
  12. Chubnut

    Third Party Chargers

    Been holding off on this for a while as they haven't been available till now - or I've missed them. Just ordered a UK plug version to leave at the girlfriend's house. Total price incl P&P £7.68! Once I get it and test it I'l let you know. If any good I may pick up another to leave at work and...
  13. Chubnut

    So Tell Me, What You Think? 3G or No 3G?

    My 2 pennies worth is very similar to Arnold's comments. I see no need for my RT device to have 3g/4g connection. The ability to tether either to my phone (HTC 8X with 2GB mobile data) or to tether to my laptop which has a company data SIM present means that travel to and in work I'm covered...
  14. Chubnut

    Patch Tuesday Today

    Still no updates available here in the UK. Checked this morning and just now but it hasn't been delivered yet.
  15. Chubnut

    Surface Case Reviews

    I have a US charger, and it will go in but it's a bit tight. Can't get anything much else in afterwards though. Sent from my Windows 8 device using Board Express Pro
  16. Chubnut

    A Well Reasoned Windows 8/Surface Article: The real work of Windows 8 lies ahead

    Can I just add this review to this post as well? In my mind it's in the same vain as J515OP's post above. Very well balanced and objective about the RT's pros and cons especially as the writer appears to have had a plethora of "i" devices prior to purchasing the RT. I'll post the link because...
  17. Chubnut

    Windows Rt Stability Index Very Low Score

    Think you're right. Just seen - sorry. Been having some major issues with Board Express Pro on the RT recently. Not seeing all the posts and I'm having problems posting. Works fine on my 8x though. Sent from my Windows 8 device using Board Express Pro
  18. Chubnut

    Windows Rt Stability Index Very Low Score

    Can't seem to post the screen print for some reason but it makes interesting reading and probably should look at some of the logs in more detail. It's odd that it doesn't consider itself stable. It's definitely not crashing or un reliable as the report is suggesting. Sent from my Windows 8...
  19. Chubnut

    is there a way to print from RT

    My Brother HL2070N got picked up straight away. Suppose it makes sense as it's an older printer so drivers are more readily available. Haven't tried the HP scanner yet Sent from my Windows 8 device using Board Express Pro
  20. Chubnut

    Surface product placement

    Surface RT on TV programmes Just watching NCIS: LA (don't judge me) and one of the team whipped out his RT, started using it, then attached the keyboard with a welcome snap! Pretty excellent product placement by MS I thought. Has anyone else seen the RT in action on other tv shows? Sent...

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