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    waking up at random

    hi, clean install sp2 64/4GB here. machine keeps coming out of sleep on its own. i believe a firmware update came out that was meant to fix this, but i can't seem to find it. anyone else seeing this behaviour? cheers, si
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    Clean install success

    So I just tried installing via usb the latest 8.1 update 1 iso. Strangely was a bit iffy first time, so just wiped it out and tried again. All drivers sorted out via windows update and it feels like my sp2 is behaving better then ever. Certainly i have had to put up with strange power on and off...
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    reset battery report stats

    hi, i got my replacement surface yesterday after my first one died. i did the powercfg battery report and got some nonsense stats back. is there any way to reset the stats or are they hard wired? cheers, si
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    my sp2 just died :-(

    got a blue screen of death that said something about kernel security error. now it'll only boot to uefi. MS are going to send me a replacement. they didn't really seem to think there was any way to get it working again. do you guys have any bright ideas before I send it back? I've tried changing...
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    onedrive behaving oddly

    Hi all, Since the last patch Tuesday, I've noticed that the one drive icon in the task bar generally tells me I'm not connected to the internet when I am. A full shutdown and reboot usually fixes it, but if I wake the sp2 from sleep I get the message again. Anyone else seeing this? Cheers...
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    still not sleeping properly

    So after the latest firmware update, (March), I thought I'd give sleep a go again after a month of only allowing hibernate. Lots of fans whirring and no start up ensued. Back to hibernate only methinks :-)
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    8.1 update 1

    anyone forced the update onto their sp2 yet? i'm not brave enough but am curious:-)
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    skype metro app camera glitch

    Been having trouble with this for a while. About every 30 seconds the white camera led goes off momentarily during a video call and the video freezes for the other caller. Have put a short video here Anyone else seeing this?
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    Tricky getting my SP2 to turn on sometimes

    The title kind of says it all. Sometimes the machine switches on just fine. Other times there's a delay and when I touch the screen to type my pin it goes off again. From time to time I get nothing and have to hold down the volume key with the power button for ages to get it to come to life. I'm...
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    usb 3 hub with gigabit ethernet

    Hi all, have seen a few of these on eBay and amazon for about £20. Wondering if they live up to their promise. Has anyone got any recommendations for something to get some more juice out of the left hand side of my SP2? :-)
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    Webcam light flashing on and off during skype call

    Hi all, New to my surface. Only had it a few weeks. Bought it a few days before the new processor came out so was a bit pissed off about that for a while, but have realised the 4200 is the fastest machine I own so it feels just fine to me  Have noticed a few times when making a Skype call...

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