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  1. CCalvinN

    A few questions about the Sp4

    As I'm on my desktop I figured I could help you out a bit here. I grabbed the SP4 (i5/4Gb/128Gb), turned the linked twitch feed on and let it play for 15 minutes.... and then realized the SP4 turned itself off after 5 minutes. Grr... so I changed the power settings and set it up again, this...
  2. CCalvinN

    Must Have Surface Pro 4 Accessories?

    I have to agree with hughlle... it really depends on what you are using your SP4 for. I mainly use it in my living room next to the TV. 90% of the time I use it as a pure tablet and have no accessories connected to it. That 10% remaining though I use the type cover when I want to type out...
  3. CCalvinN

    How far does $400 million go?

    I don't think we can look at the $400 million as a waste. It was a deal to get the name "Surface" into peoples minds. And let's face it, this was a deal struck back in 2013. I'd say even with the tablets (network) failing at the Super Bowl and Johnny Manziel bashing one with his face, it...
  4. CCalvinN

    Windows Hello less reliable after update

    Found a fix in the Surface Book area to the camera not turning on. I removed 'Hello', restarted, then set it back up. Works like a champ!
  5. CCalvinN

    Windows Hello less reliable after update

    I haven't been able to use 'Hello' since the update, but not because the camera can't see me or recognize me. The camera won't even turn on. It just sits there at the "Turning Camera On" screen until it prompts you to use the PIN. Like CoolOwl, I haven't had my SP4 all that long (about three...
  6. CCalvinN

    Accidental New SP4 Owner

    Hiya everybody! So I purchased a Surface Pro 4 about three weeks ago. I have to say first that this forum helped me make the purchase decision, although my path to purchasing this was winding and strange. For the fun of it, let me share my journey. I had a long planned trip to Mexico coming...

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