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    Surface 7 Display

    Thanks Scottys for the picture - definitly a better display - i think - something is wrong with my new Surfave7:(
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    Surface 7 i5 with FAN

    pity that the i5 is not fanless (the i7 was never - or? - thats why i bought the i5 - because i thought, the i5 is fanless - that was a mistake) - The fan annoying - but you can arrange with it - the person just adapts. At least the performance fits - and the i5 is fast... - you made the right...
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    Surface 7 Display

    Hello, my Surface 7 arrives and I am disappointed with the display. The display is quite dark - although the screen brightness in windows is on 100%. In comparison to my old surface 4 the display is considerably darker. I adjust the screen brightness on the old surface 4 to 70% und on the...
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    Surface 7 i5 with FAN

    Hello, my Surface 7 i5 16GB Ram arrived today - YES - i was so happy. But whats this? The i5 (16Gb RAM) has a FAN - and creates a constant fu.... noise noise noise noise... the fan never goes out - not even without a network plug. The surface 6 i5 hasn´t a fan - or? Why has the surface 7 a...
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    Firefox and Outlook scrolling with fingers

    Hello, i have the surface 4 - all updates installed. But i think - this has nothing to do with sf4 - i think thats a problem with windows (8 and 10). I have problems with firefox and with outlook 2016 (desktop version). With outlook 2016 (desktop version) i have the same problem which is...

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