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    HELP! Cannot get to login screen

    So, with my now upgraded Windows10 Surface3, I downloaded an app to change the login image ( Now, when I boot up, I get a series of flickering images--lavender screen, black screen, and lockscreen image. I...
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    Micro USB/charging issue?

    Recently went to fire up my S3 at work only to discover the battery was dead--despite having disconnected it from an overnight charge (on the official charging unit) that morning. Went home and discovered that, even though the charging cord light was on (which I assumed meant 'charging'), it...
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    External battery pack?

    Now that Microsoft's gone to the microSD connector, I'm wondering about the various external power packs designed primarily to recharge your cellphone. I've got a couple of ~2600mAH packs, and am wondering if any of the larger units (I've seen anywhere from 5000 to 12000mAH) would be able to...
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    Changes to mouse pointer not 'sticking'

    So, I can go into Control Panel on my RT to change the mouse pointers to something more attractive and more visible, save the scheme... and, about two days later (if not sooner), it reverts back to default. What's causing this? Thanks in advance...
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    Getting People into Outlook 2013?

    Successfully did the upgrade to v8.1 today, in about 3hrs. Got my iCloud email into Outlook, but wondering if there is a way to link Outlook to People to populate the address book...
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    Google Reader replacement?

    With GR disappearing July1, any suggestions? I'm using Modern Reader, but I think that's powered by GR and I can't simply import my subscriptions...
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    Accessing iPhone photos?

    Yes, I know--mixing Apple and Microsoft is dangerous... So, when I plug my iPhone into my desktop, I can read it like a hard drive and pull photos off it from the DCIM folder. When I plug it into my Surface, it says the folder is empty--even when it's not. Any ideas?
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    Migrating from Old Surface to New Surface?

    Elsewhere, I posted about the fading Microsoft logo on the back of my surface. MS has offered to replace the unit, but I'm wondering if it's more trouble than it's worth in terms of migrating. Will I have to redownload apps and re-set up my desktop? Other issues? Thanks in advance...
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    External DVD Drive?

    I have a Samsung SE S084 external drive originally purchased for use with a MacBook Air. Can't seem to get my Surface to recognize it; it seems to constantly connect and disconnect, even after rebooting. Any suggestions for a fix, and/or a drive that does work? Thanks in advance, Adam
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    Sync Surface start page with Windows 8 start page?

    I thought--and I may have been mistaken--that logging in with the same ID on my desktop and my Surface would sync both pages (except, of course, for pinned programs from my desktop). However, that's not the case--no synced pinned pages, and no synced downloaded apps. And, yes, I do have Sync...

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