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  1. lovemysurface

    Solved SP4 Boot Loop

    I've reset two different Surface Pro 4's. no issues as described here. I had that happen with a SP3, though. I unstuck it by doing a two button-shutdown. It was scary but, it worked.
  2. lovemysurface

    Connecting external HDD Kills Wifi

    Try plugging the drive in very slowly. A lot of people have reported that doing so keeps the WiFi from cutting out. No one seems to know why but, my guess would be that it gives your WiFi card a few extra milliseconds to deal with the intereference. just a WAG, though.
  3. lovemysurface

    Average SP3 Battery Life with/wo Power Cover

    I don't know about average but, we did some tests a while back. Maybe it's what you're after...
  4. lovemysurface

    Type cover 2 stopped working

    Keyboard Problems with Surface Tablets | LoveMySurfaceLoveMySurface Hope it helps...
  5. lovemysurface

    Best Way to Prepare for Selling SP1

    Maybe this will help... We just did a write-up on this very subject, maybe you'll find it helpful What Should I Do Before I Sell My Surface Tablet? | LoveMySurfaceLoveMySurface
  6. lovemysurface

    New user, help deleting recovery partition please

    Here's some instructions for transferring your recovery partition tools to a USB drive. It will delete the partition and free you up some space. Free up space on Surface tablets - Part 1 - Love my Surface
  7. lovemysurface

    Limited connectivity only at school

    Eduroam (which is what I think you're referring to) is a PITA as far as I'm concerned we've had more than a few issues with it at at the University of Michigan. Fortunately, that means I have a suggestion for you: Blow away your connection profile for Eduroam and set it up manually Here's the...
  8. lovemysurface

    Printer Compatability

    Korlon, The Pro/Pro2's can load 3rd party drivers so as long as you can come up with drivers Windows 8.1 likes you should be golden. Fortunately HP does a pretty good job with their drivers and they have some instructions on it here.... Hope that helps, Tim This might help too: Print from...
  9. lovemysurface

    Surface Pro - Battery and SD card Woes - Return or Keep it!?

    Agreed, It seems a lot short. We did some benchmarking and saw closer to 5 hours for the Surface Pro (Gen 1) Surface Pro 2 Battery Life Benchmark Test - Love my Surface The Pro 2, of course, did better but it seems you're only getting half the life you should unless you're steaming movies...
  10. lovemysurface

    Button on Stylus

    Reach, The pen input may have different functions depending on the application. Ironically, I wrote up a post about using and troubleshooting the sytlus on a Surface Pro / Pro 2 today. Hope it helps. Using the Surface Pro 2 Stylus - Love my Surface
  11. lovemysurface

    how do you marl, drag and drop on the SP2

    Reach, It's a pain to do without a mouse. The "easiest" thing to do is to probably use your stylus and tick the little checkboxes on each file. when you've got the ones you want selected, just tap and drag them to where they need to go (or tap and hold for the right click menu to get at...
  12. lovemysurface

    Surface pro case- where to get one!

    Suggestions for a SP case We did a review of some cases a while back over at LoveMySurface and we really liked the SumacLife hardshell (the one pictured on the linked page and the second one down in the list). It was $30 USD at the time we reviewed it but, really protects the tablet and...
  13. lovemysurface

    my sp2 battery test

    We did a test that pretty much mirrors those results. In addition, we did a streaming movie (Netflix) test to see how something like that would affect the battery life. You might find it interesting: Surface Pro 2 Battery Life Benchmark Test - Love my Surface
  14. lovemysurface

    No built in stylus holder?

    Cheap solution for the Stylus problem While it probably should have been built-in, here's what we came up with for a solution: Microsoft Surface Tip: April 29 - Love my Surface
  15. lovemysurface

    How to switch from to

    Michellvii, jnjroach is right, theres really no functional need to change it but, if you want to for cosmetic reasons ( address as oppossed to address)... 1) Log into you account 2) Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner 3) Select "More Mail Settings" 4)...
  16. lovemysurface

    Yet Another New Guy....

    Hi there everyone! I happened upon this site while I was looking for some info on the MS Surface. I've been doing IT work for years and have had just about every type of computer and portable device you can imagine. I've been pretty impressed with both the Surface Pro and Surface RT (I have...

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