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    Anyone still in love with their SP2?

    Yep, still using mine here. Have been tempted by the new SP6 with type cover deal for £749 her this weekend, but can't justify it. Battery life is starting to drop gradually but the rest of the machine still does what I need. Guess I'll squeeze a bit more life out of it :-)
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    Bluetooth not working on SPro2 after Windows 10 Update

    hi, my bluetooth performance has deteriorated too. i use a jbl flip 2 speaker. after a clean install it will work once! then it has trouble connecting, or disconnecting. if it does connect, it doesn't actually play audio. back to a stereo cable for me if i need to use it :-(
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    waking up at random

    hi, clean install sp2 64/4GB here. machine keeps coming out of sleep on its own. i believe a firmware update came out that was meant to fix this, but i can't seem to find it. anyone else seeing this behaviour? cheers, si
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    Clean install success

    Hadn't spotted that but the machine still seems happier than it used to
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    Still getting 08/07/2014 update in WU?

    I just had a firmware update appear this morning. i rebooted the machine and it did indeed say at the black surface logo "please wait while we perform a system update". maybe it was actually a new firmware....
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    Clean install success

    So I just tried installing via usb the latest 8.1 update 1 iso. Strangely was a bit iffy first time, so just wiped it out and tried again. All drivers sorted out via windows update and it feels like my sp2 is behaving better then ever. Certainly i have had to put up with strange power on and off...
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    reset battery report stats

    sorry you didn't like the way the forum formatted the report. i couldn't upload an html file as the forum doesn't allow it. thought pasting the raw text was the best way to go as a shot screen on an sp2 shows very little of the report as a screen grab. anyway, to be clear - these are the kind...
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    reset battery report stats

    Some nonsense below. My original surface never had junk in the report... Battery report COMPUTER NAME SURFACEPRO2 SYSTEM PRODUCT NAME Microsoft Corporation Surface Pro 2 BIOS 2.04.0950 05/12/2014 OS BUILD 9600.17085.amd64fre.winblue_gdr.140330-1035 PLATFORM ROLE Slate CONNECTED STANDBY Not...
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    reset battery report stats

    hi, i got my replacement surface yesterday after my first one died. i did the powercfg battery report and got some nonsense stats back. is there any way to reset the stats or are they hard wired? cheers, si
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    my sp2 just died :-(

    Well I got my replacement surface today. Pretty quick turnaround. Seems in perfect condition other than a tiny bit of finish missing from the power socket. Seeing as mine was a bit scuffed I'm cool with that. Hope this one lasts a bit longer though. Only got 7 months out of the first one!
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    my sp2 just died :-(

    not sure but I was worried about that too. the MS rep insisted if the drive was readable they would wipe it but I can't get to it myself to be sure. I tried booting from my usb recovery drive but when I try to recover the machine it says the hard drive is locked so it looks like there is a...
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    my sp2 just died :-(

    got a blue screen of death that said something about kernel security error. now it'll only boot to uefi. MS are going to send me a replacement. they didn't really seem to think there was any way to get it working again. do you guys have any bright ideas before I send it back? I've tried changing...
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    onedrive behaving oddly

    Thanks bertopl that fixed it!
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    onedrive behaving oddly

    Hi jnjr, no not using office 365 or standard office for that matter. I'll try uninstalling the update mentioned above and see what happens...
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    onedrive behaving oddly

    Hi all, Since the last patch Tuesday, I've noticed that the one drive icon in the task bar generally tells me I'm not connected to the internet when I am. A full shutdown and reboot usually fixes it, but if I wake the sp2 from sleep I get the message again. Anyone else seeing this? Cheers...
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    A Patch by any other name would revise no less

    I did the update the manual way a couple of weeks ago. All been working fine since. Still got a 100MB windows 8.1 update though so I guess there were a few bits missing...
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    Bump on glass

    My first unit had a bump on the bottom edge where the glass wasn't glued down properly...
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    still not sleeping properly

    not that strange - there are lots of people with exactly the same problem...
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    still not sleeping properly

    So after the latest firmware update, (March), I thought I'd give sleep a go again after a month of only allowing hibernate. Lots of fans whirring and no start up ensued. Back to hibernate only methinks :-)
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    Skype in Metro

    I have the same problem and started a thread about it a while back. Nobody answered...

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