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  1. Deryl McCarty

    SB2 plugged in, not charging

    Same issues and went through the same corrective steps. I have yet to try jnjroach's approach. I did find that charging with the "came with the SB2" charger AFTER I had discharged both batteries below 50% did work. What worked better was discharging to power off-zero % with the tablet only...
  2. Deryl McCarty

    Surface Book 2 availability question

    Ordered the SB2 tonight 15" i7 256...should arrive in a week or so. Excited!
  3. Deryl McCarty

    Surface Book 2 - will you buy/upgrade?

    I am not much of a hi-frame rate gamer, but with a 1060 and a 15" screen can see myself going retro and doing FPS type stuff, though not multi-player. But it seems that at 4.2 GHz turbo there ain't much you can't do with this computer in the day to day arena - and quickly. So I plan to get the...
  4. Deryl McCarty

    Loose screen when attached to base

    Had the loose and slightly misaligned issue myself for the first 3 months or so after purchasing my SB (day one purchase). I kept looking at other machines, especially in the Microsoft Store in Bellevue, but theirs always looked aligned on the base versus with no light able to be seen through...
  5. Deryl McCarty

    Firmware Update 2 Dec

    downloaded and installed yesterday, no real problem. Stalled at 93% installation for about 10 minutes, but patience won out. Just left to have a long snack and when I came back, all was done. Did a "restart now" vice wait for a 3:29AM self start and no issues except one: I no longer have...
  6. Deryl McCarty

    SB i7/256/8 slight bulge on the back of tablet from heat?

    I too have noticed a slight bulge on the back of the tablet portion of my SB, but not enough to cause it to "rock" while in use. I never did think it to be heat related, but rather more a manufacturing "feature". What concerns me a bit more is the is the very slight difference (gap) between...
  7. Deryl McCarty

    Apparently we SB owners have a lot of money to burn

    quote from above is from a PC Mag article - and BearFlag is right to laugh at it. I fully understand not wanting to pay $3.2k for a computer in today's world. (Actually its $3.5k after states and cities get their "fair share" .) But using a class warfare argument to spread the guilt to...
  8. Deryl McCarty

    Muscle Wire - Removing the Screen

    ok, read up on the problem on other blogs, mostly the MSFT blog on the SB. Others having similar problems. In my case not exactly the same but close. At any rate most of the MSFT helpers and other bloggers said the problem was software and that the UEFI (BIOS) was not completing its job. So...
  9. Deryl McCarty

    Muscle Wire - Removing the Screen

    My latch works ok...push button, WAAAIT for it, then the click and it detaches with but a tug. My problems is that the task bar shows the Surface detach icon with a red X and the accompanying: Surface Detach: hardware failure. hum. yet it works. I do not plan to tug on the KB or tablet...
  10. Deryl McCarty

    the back of the screen gets hot

    first day hot. but no throttling that was obvious. second day and today, just a bit warm.
  11. Deryl McCarty

    Alternate 3:2 resolutions

    Paul Thurrot has some ideas on his website. And they will likely show up in one of his books.
  12. Deryl McCarty

    Insider Builds Help Surface Book?

    I took the risk this AM and installed 565...the difference perhaps is not the build number but rather the branch. TH2 has been a better bet for me on both a laptop and SP3 testing machines. The printer drivers this AM got immeasurable better with 565 and the constant background 30% CPU use...
  13. Deryl McCarty

    Official I received my Surface Book

    got it this AM as well. Niiiice. heavier than I imagined, but not a biggie. taking me forever to move favorites from SP3 to SB. But got that done. battery was at 30 when I turned it on, but in 2 hours or a little less it was fully charged. I noted that Battery 1 as charged first then 2 but...
  14. Deryl McCarty

    Will you go MS all the way to phone if you already have surface book?

    Am getting a 950XL when MSFT finally decides to put it up for sale. I like the integration and commonality of OS aspects. Now to get MSFT to figure out how to integrate with my Chevvy. Tomorrow will be a big day of cleaning off the SP3, i7, 256 and readying it for my wife so that I can learn...
  15. Deryl McCarty

    Sleeve, case, bag for Surface Book recommendations

    I got a case of the same style as for my SP3, just slightly larger through Amazon. It is a SumacLife case made of a moderately stiff leatherette and well zippered that has provided a svelte, safe, difficult to pickpocket case over the past couple of years. It isn't one in which I carry...
  16. Deryl McCarty

    Official I ordered a Surface Book

    My SB is also 10-15 minutes away on hold pending the 26th. Sigh. Marketing trumps Panos. But by noon tomorrow this too will pass and I will be another happy camper with new tool to explore.
  17. Deryl McCarty

    Need help - battery die !!!

    Happened to me exactly as Inuyasha87 described last Monday. And about that time I did get some update "warnings" in Syslog, but none on screen. At any rate, was using my SP3 (i7/256) at the office and engaged in a conversation with a guy that dropped by for advice. After 30 minutes of so I...
  18. Deryl McCarty

    Surface Pro 4 news

    Sorry, but you WILL when you are 1520 is just the right size for me, but jeans front pocket not back. Bright and LARGE print without being forced to pinch it too far. The SP3 is great, but a lighter SP4 at 14" might be even better...but lighter, better battery life, and ...
  19. Deryl McCarty

    Does the SP3 cause eye strain?

    As probably one of the oldest on this forum, and who wore coke bottle glasses most of my life, I can say that the SP3 (and before that my SP and SP2) did not and do not cause eyestrain issues. OTOH, for use at home I attach the SP3 (SP and SP2) to a 27" AOC via the MDP, though I sit more than 3...
  20. Deryl McCarty

    can't wait to buy surface pro 4

    Certainly 16GB on the floor is certainly nice but I would probably still opt for a 256 drive that I could add up to a 512 Gb with an SDXC micro. I was thinking however, that the recently available 4.5 watt fanless Broadwells with a 2GHz base freq turbo'd to 3.0Ghz would be helpful. And with a...

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