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  1. Deryl McCarty

    An open letter to Panos Panay (tongue in cheek)

    In military jargon things scheduled to happen at a date certain are termed to be scheduled "x days and a wake up from now". In this case, by 1 August my 21 May preordered Surface Pro 3, Core i7, 256GB machine is scheduled to "ship by" - that's 19 days and a wake up! However, as I am 30 year...
  2. Deryl McCarty

    Ownership transfer of Pro "1" when I get my Pro 2

    With my Pro 2 now being shipped, I have a buyer for my Pro 128 for next week. After I uninstall and securely clean up the Pro 128 of my personal stuff, what is the process of "deregistering" the computer so that my buyer can re-register and activate what is now his Surface Pro and copy of 8.1...

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