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    Write to Type, purpose?

    I really don't see a practical use for write to type feature. Does anyone here use the feature outside of boredom?
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    Virtual keyboard and icons

    Is clicking the virtual keyboard suppose to move your desktop icons and then not put them back? This is really strange and annoying.
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    Kickstarter Surface Pro case that has expansion ports

    The case would absolutely have to have a place to hold the digital pen, the magnet clip on it is a major design flaw and 100% useless other then showing people how magnets work. Microsoft hinted at a battery keyboard coming out for the Surface Pro. Honestly I would of spent an extra 200 bucks...
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    Any way to get the virtual keyboard to open when using touch and type boxes?

    I can see why people would not want this, but it should at least be an option. I know when I click a text bot with my finger I want to try with my fingers right away.
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    Keyboard in desktop mode/ customize windows key

    Is there a option to use virtual keyboard automatically in desktop mode instead of clicking the icon at the bottom everytime. It is just a little annoying jumping from programs that pull up keyboard automatically and then having to click it. Also does anyone know if you can edit what the...
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    Thunderbolt cable

    Wonder why the RT doesn't have the miniport also since its cheaper...
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    Thunderbolt cable

    Seems odd to make the video port something you have to have a converter for.
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    App to tether my droid to Surface?

    I use Foxfi and don't get charged by Verizon. I have been told to check your bill to make sure Verizon does not update their system to detect and charge. I have been using for 6 months with no problem. Edit by Mr.NK: No posting of warez-links. This time i give you a warning, next time there'll...
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    USB Port awkward tightness.

    I fumbled with putting a flash drive in my Surface Pro for a few minutes trying not to break something before I got it in the first time. It is slightly looser now but still could attach a string the the usb and swing the surrface around without a fear of it coming out. Anyone else have this?
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    Lots of Skins Now Available

    Ive been debating on a skin or a leather notebook looking case. The case has groves on the top, bottom, left, and right for the swiping features and the skin looks like it comes a little close. I had problems with this on my android phone before.
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    Thunderbolt cable

    I fail to understand why the Surface Pro has a Mini Display Port instead of just an HDMI. I have read many of other members theories but they seem just that. That being said does a thunderbolt cable work on the Surface Pro? I plugged mine into my Alienware from my Surface and couldn't get...
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    Surface Pro returned to Best Buy

    I bought the Surface RT at best buy to test out the touch screen features and ordered a pro from MS because Best Buy didn't have the pro. Personally after using both, the battery life difference from the RT to the pro is worth the functionality. When I got my pro up personalized the way I liked...

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