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    Solved Keep getting hung on Surface screen??

    My SP3 recently started getting hung up randomly at the Surface screen during boot up, I know the steps to bring it out of this state but with it happening more frequently these days something is not right, I did do a reset but seems that didn't help. I've always kept it updated and after the...
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    IE 11 freezing or not loading since going to Win10

    Has anyone else noticed since going to Win10 on their SP3's that IE11 freezes or won't load pages on the first try?? I'm really disappointed, I love IE on my tablet but this is just getting tiresome, I tried resetting IE, clearing temp files ect., internet speed isn't a issue because I have a...
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    Office 2016 product code from retai??

    I have Office 356 on my SP3 which I purchased but my sister in law just bought a new SP3 and she saw cocsco is selling Office 2016 for a nice price and wondered could she just download Office 2016 from Microsoft then insert the Product Code from the retail version??? Obviously it would only be...
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    Anyone else anxiously awaiting the Lumia 950???

    The more I read the rumors on the Lumia 950 & 950XL the more I just can't wait for it's release.. I jumped on the First release of the Win 7 Samsung Focus phone years ago when they came out and really liked it but the lack of apps and Zune turned me off after some time and I went to the Galaxy...
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    Can I change my Admin email account??

    I had to create a new email address today and would like to replace my Original Administrator email account.. Both are Gmail accounts, I did add it and made it my primary alias but afraid to remove the original email email address since it is still the sign in for my account even though my new...
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    Solved Have to login after sleep but not at bootup??

    As I posted earlier I can't get required logins to completely stop even after changing ever related setting BUT what is really strange is when I cold boot or reboot there's no login required but if my SP3 goes to sleep login is mandatory ??? Anyone else experiencing this?? As you can see I have...
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    Can't stop login option??

    I've tried everything to stop the need to login from the lock screen but it just keeps coming up?? As you can see I have it set to never ask for a password but it still does, anyone else experiencing this??
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    4 Failed Win 10 installs, sucks

    Tried installing Win 10 four times today each time trying different scenarios(clearing downloads, turning off Defender ect..) and each time it downloaded and prepared for install then failed.. I'm totally disgusted here, how can MS release a OS for a MS built tablet and have it fail repeatedly...
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    ARC mouse for SP3 question.. auto-scroll?

    I picked up MS's ARC Surface mouse since I kept having issues with my old laptop Bluetooth mouse and every once in a while with the ARC Mouse I accidentally get the auto scroll to pop up (up/down arrows where all you need to do is move the mouse up or down to scroll... I know this is a dumb...
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    Solved onscreen keyboard not popping up for GT Racer 2

    I just downloaded GT Racer 2 from the Store and the first thing I need to do is put in whatever name I choose for my driver but the onscreen keyboard will not pop up?? Any one else run into this issue???

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