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    Best mouse for spro

    I owned the old Arc and threw it away. Kept dropping the BT connection. Replaced it with a Wedge that I still have and love. It's my travel mouse. Bought the new Arc to see if it's any better than the old one and it definitely is. No dropping BT anymore, and I use it every day. I'd buy either...
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    New Docking Station...Should I do SP3 or SP4?

    I have both the SP3 and SP4 docks, both used with SP3's. The SP3 dock is at my home and the SP4 dock is at the office. Of the two, I prefer the elegance and simplicity of the SP3 dock. I have a dual monitor setup at work and the IT guys had to come around more than once to get the SP4 dock...
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    Case with pen slot

    I've been very pleased with this one: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Case Sleeve, also fit Surface PRO 3 / Surface 3, ProCase Wallet Sleeve Case for Surface PRO 4 / 3 Tablet Computer, Compatible with Surface Type Cover Keyboard (Black): Computers & Accessories
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    Best Travel Bag/Case?

    +1 on the VanGoddy mentioned above. Mine is all black and travels superbly well. It has room for all I need to carry (cables, mouse, a file or two) while remaining compact enough to be comfortable. Very satisfied with it.
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    SP3 Bag

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    Considering ditching my dual 27" monitors for my 75" smart tv as my monitor

    I could post some pics but honestly the pics on the link I put in my post are much better than anything I could produce. If they don't give you what you want though, let me know and I'll try to be a photographer.
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    Considering ditching my dual 27" monitors for my 75" smart tv as my monitor

    So, here's another option to consider, kiwigirl. Two years ago I ditched the traditional desk in my office and started using a treadmill desk. It has a large, flat work surface for whatever keyboard/mouse/computer/speakers setup I'm using and low enough treadmill settings (starting at 0.4 mph...
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    surface pro 3 i5 or i7

    Thanks for the response from Lightroom users. It's great to connect with you and learn from your experience.
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    surface pro 3 i5 or i7

    Thanks for the info. Any Lightroom users out there who can share how their SP3 configuration handles the LR load?
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    surface pro 3 i5 or i7

    I am also trying to decide between an i5 or i7 and have basically the same use-profile as the OP does (Office, OneNote, and Lightroom but not much Photoshop). I do most of my photo editing work in Lightroom so I'd be especially interested to hear which processor you buy and how it handles the...

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