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    Surface Pro LTE no longer connecting to LTE

    Hi everyone, I booted up my Surface Pro LTE 2017 after a while and have discovered that I can no longer connect to the LTE network. I use T-mobile and I can see the network (it shows disconnected) and then when I say connect, it goes into 'connecting' and hangs. I found the following thread...
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    Factory reset SP3: Install Intel HD Control Center?

    I factory reset my SP3 a few days ago, I would like to install the Intel HD drivers so I can use the control center for scaling games. I tried installing the latest 4400 drivers from Intel, but using either the .exe or the .zip gives me an incompatible message. I've tried using the device...
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    DPC_Watchdog_violation error

    Hi folks, I have a i5 256GB Surface 3 that I purchased last Nov. In the last week I have seen 2 blue screens with the DPC_watchdog_violation error message. Looking online this appears related to the SSD? Has anyone else experienced this? Do I just have to reset Windows or go to the Store for a...
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    Microsoft Complete Care Walk-In vs Dell Support

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a Surface Pro 2 online, and ended up returning it as I had my eye on the Pro 3. I made a mistake of returning it in the store and had a very hard time getting my refund as both systems (store vs online) don’t talk very well. Was on the phone with Microsoft support...
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    Worth Purchasing Discounted Pro 2 Now?

    Would appreciate some expert advice. My apologies as I'm sure this question has been asked before. I purchased the 8/256GB Surface Pro2 last week at the reduced price with the keyboard/service plan bundle as an impulse buy. I will be using this for 2 main purposes: 1) Gaming - Civ5, the...

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