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    Sleeve for Surface Pro 4

    I had one from D-Park. It wasn't made for Surface and was way too roomy. I bought the Waterfield Vertical sleevecase. It's a great sleeve. Highly recommend.
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    Screen mirror from SP4 to Roku

    Has anyone successfully screen mirrored your Sp4 to Roku? When I try, it crashes my SP4. I don't know if it's the SP4, Win10 or the Roku.
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    What case and screen protector are you using?

    I've had the Snugg case from the start. Good case but it's horizontal (can't charge easily in the case) and is oversized, so it doesn't fit in my Tumi messenger bag well. Surface Pro 3 / 4 Case, Snugg™ - Leather Sleeve Case with Lifetime Guarantee (Brown) for Microsoft Surface Pro...
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    Why is MS disabling the power cover ?

    I agree, but it might be best to post that on a Microsoft web site and not a user forum.
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    Solved Boot time issues

    To close this out - I believe the update over the weekend resolved this issue entirely. My Surface is now booting normally.
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    7 sec delay once the type cover is flipped back

    There appears to be a bug that impacts boot time/startup when the cover is folded back. Until it's fixed, the workaround is to make sure your keyboard isn't folded back behind the unit when pressing the power button.
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    Solved Boot time issues

    Sorry to resurrect this but I have an update. I'm surprised that more people aren't complaining about this issue. I'm now on my 3rd SP4 and the issue continues - but has improved so the delay is only now about 30 seconds. In any case, I was informed via a Microsoft forum that there is a known...
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    Convince me to buy the SP4 despite so many issues

    I can't recommend the SP4 at this point. I've had a bunch of issues, starting with the fact that it takes about 2 minutes to boot if I have the keyboard connected. I also get the driver crash, periodic full crashes and the battery only lasts around 5 hours. Plus, the pen stopped opening...
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    Surface Pen Not Working, Issues With One Note

    I have the same issues. The button worked fine for OneNote and Cortana when the SP4 was new but it stopped working at some point.
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    no luck getting Power Cover even to be recognized

    I actually checked on the MS support site on this. The response was that SP2/SP1 covers don't work on SP4.
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    Pen / handwriting recognition

    I really liked the handwriting recognition panel on Win8 but stopped using it on Win8.1/10 because they changed the interface. The panel is very small and the second line is worthless. More importantly, I can't figure out how to clear th writing for a new line. It's a big step backwards. Any...
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    Very Dissatisfied With SP4

    Mine isn't on all the time, but it is very loud. I can barely hear the fan on the SP1.
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    Very Dissatisfied With SP4

    To those of you saying these are Win10 issues, I disagree. It may be related to the hardware/drivers that MS chose to use on Win10, but I don't think it's Win10 at all. The SP4 is my 4th Win10 device (others are SP1, HP Envy (8.1 upgrade) and a $60 HP Steam that I bought from Woot with an Atom...
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    Surface pro 4 Slow Wifi issues

    Thanks! This seems to have worked for me too.
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    Solved Boot time issues

    Good question, no - I'm not using UEFI secure boot. That's new to me, I had to look it up :). Regarding virus scan, so far I've just left it with Windows Defender. I'm not loading any more software on it until these issues are resolved (or I decide to return the unit, which is a possibility...
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    Solved Boot time issues

    The battery issue is also noted by several users. There are apparently some firmware problems with the SP4 that need to be addressed. It's disappointing that MS would release this computer with these issues (and other odd things - like my touchpad disabling and weird things happening when...
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    Solved Boot time issues

    Well, looks like I spoke too soon. The issue returned on the next reboot - apparently the issue is intermittent. I'd be interested if anybody else experiences this issue.
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    Solved Boot time issues

    Update: Your statement intrigued me. I started deleting the apps in small groups, starting with suspect apps, testing reboot times. I isolated it to an app called "Free Music downloader / MP3 " that my kids use. It's made by "Croesus Labs" and is posted right in the Windows Store. I've...
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    Solved Boot time issues

    No, I'm not connected to any other servers and I haven't inserted an SD card.
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    Solved Boot time issues

    Thanks. Yes, this only happens from a powered-down state. The only things I've installed so far is some apps from app store and MS Office 13 (I did connect Outlook to my work Exchange and Skype Business to my work account). I've done the same with my SP1 with no issues. Do you think it could...

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