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  1. iDatus

    Hyper-V win7 client full screen

    ive decided to have a play with hyper-v for work reasons and the only windows 8.1 machine I can get my hands on for this is my personal SP3 after installing window 7 home initial release with sp1 and trillions of updates plus the install of integration tools im not better off than I was before...
  2. iDatus


    Unless you want the two base models i3 and i5 4GB the UK has SOLD OUT! So much for the SP3 is too expensive, only been out 2 days...... MS may have some in stock I can't tell but John Lewis & PC World all GONE!.... Great to see something that Microsoft is making SOLD OUT...... Man I'm so lucky...
  3. iDatus

    Mouse. Less battery drain Blu-tooth or Wireless

    Now I am not debating which is better here I am in looking for a mouse to go with the sp3 and to make my mind up I want some info. I use wireless as 1) I hate wires, 2) hate plugging in and out. Currently using Logitech 602 for gaming and for the sp3 im looking at Logitech m545, small cheap and...
  4. iDatus

    Poll What SP3 did you buy/order

    After 3 months watching youtubes, reading articles and viewing websites such as this one I'm still working on which model to actually buy. Its either i3 (very cheap and powerful) or probably more likely it will be the i5 with 8GB to allow me to load the more memory hungry programs such as...
  5. iDatus

    SP3 Keyboard Colour Poll

    Bit of fun, sorry for my duplicate post but multiple requests for a poll which rightly so is where it should have been. I'm thinking dark blue which I believe is a new colour just for sp3 because 1) I like it, 2) is different, 3) not too dark to show dust, 4) not too light to show dirt, 5) adds...
  6. iDatus

    Keyboard colour

    Thought it be nice to see which is most popular. So what kb colour you got any why. I don't see anyone with the blue one (not cyan) which is the colour im thinking of getting Thursday.
  7. iDatus

    Things you should know if you are thinking of an RT

    I bought the nokia 2520, yep great device but it had to go, mainly because I didn't understand fully what RT doesn't give you. 1. MPEG2 decoder. This stops mkv (Blu-ray convert) playback. I bought several apps that said it supported mkv but didn't work (mpeg4 mkv's do). 2. Metro apps have to be...

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