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    Win 10 - Outlook constantly needs fixing

    My SP3 is up to date but I still keep getting notification that my Outlook accounts need fixing. I click the 'Fix' button and some times the prompt disappears or I have to hit 'Fix' a couple of times. The problem seems to resolve itself and but reappears usually at next logon. Completely...
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    Solved DVD no longer working, suggestions?

    My DVD drive worked with my SP2 but not my SP3. The SP3 can read the content but not install any software. I suspect there's not enough juice. Could I replace the cable or do I need a new SP3 compatible drive? if the latter, any suggestions/recommendations? Thanks
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    email & calendar synchronising

    Hi, I'm new to Windows 8, Surface Pro 2 and this forum. Sometimes it takes quite a while 5/10 minutes for an email to come through on my Surface Pro 2 where my Win Phone 8 Lumia 920 has already received it. If I manually try and sync my emails I get the 'Synchronising' message in the top...

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