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    Using a Webcam on an external monitor

    I assume this will work, but want a confirmation before I spend money on a webcam. I have my Surface 4 Pro connected to a (non-smart) 32 inch TV via a DVI to mini display port cord. To save battery life, I only output the screen to the TV. If I buy a Webcam and have it near or clipped to...
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    Annoyance while switching users

    I can't switch users while looking at the unit, as the camera recognizes me and re-logs me in. I don't want to have to look at the unit from the side and wait for the camera not to recognize me, every time I want to switch. There has to be a less annoying way to accomplish this.
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    Camera app won't take videos

    This is my first attempt in using the camera app. It takes pictures, but when I try and record a video, it replies: Something went wrong Sorry, we weren't able to save the video. If you need it, here's the error code: OxAOOF45D<VideoCaptureStartFailed> (OXOOD36D5) I have the most current...
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    Solved Need help with USB Power settings

    I have a USB sound card: Windows shuts it off as soon as the power settings tell the display to shut off. That is a problem when I am recording something with audacity and the source is connected to the USB sound card. I took these steps with...
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    Can I charge my Surface 4 Pro with this method

    I've seen many internet discussions (some here) where the consensus is that it impossible to charge a Surface via USB. Nothing is wrong with my Surface's charger, , but I have an external USB charger ( that...
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    How to get the advertised 9 hours of video playback

    The following tests were conducted with my three-week old Surface Pro 4, with an I7 chip, 256 GIG of storage space and 8 GIGS of RAM. The Surface had gone through fewer than ten battery cycles at the time. The unit had all the latest updates and I was running the latest version of iTunes, VLC...

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