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    Surface Book or Surface Pro 4

    Hi all, tomorrow (Friday, December 16, 2016) the Surface Pro 4 goes on sale with a type cover included. So, which is the better deal? Microsoft Surface Pro 4 - 256GB / Intel Core i7 (with Type Cover) = $1,400 Or Microsoft Surface Book - 256GB / Intel Core i7 = $1,700 FYI: I have the Surface...
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    Enterprise Adoption of Windows 8/Devices

    I’m not sure I really see a corporate mainstream use for a product like this, or the Surface for that matter. Do we really think the average office user is going to need a touch screen, let alone a tablet? Granted, if you’re an executive traveling a lot, I can see the application for a tablet...
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    Do you like the Surface Pro?

    Do you like the Surface Pro? I ask because it appears many of the comments here are focused more on demeaning the Surface rather than admiring it. It seems a bit odd to come to a Surface forum and read so many negative remarks. I wonder; is it simply that your expectations for the Surface...
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    New User Greetings from Michigan

    Hello everyone, I am a new Surface Pro User (for about two weeks now). Picked up the 128 GB version, the Type Keyboard, and Wedge Mouse. So far so good! I’m looking forward to discussing this quick little machine with all of you!

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