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  1. Donald King

    Win10 on Sp3 ... deactivated?

    So I upgraded my SP3 some months ago when Windows 10 came out. Everything has been great. However, today it displayed on the desktop the message in the lower right corner: "Activate Windows Go to Settings to activate Windows". I go to settings, and it says my product key does not work. It...
  2. Donald King

    Surface Pro Makes Free Space on its Own...

    It probably was temporary system files or Windows Update files as GreyFox7 mentioned. I would do two things. First, download a program called Tree Size Free. It is a stand alone executable (there is an installable version too) that will scan your drive and show you how big each folder is at a...
  3. Donald King

    Microsoft Offering Lumia 830 and Fitbit Package Deal

    The move away from Fitbit could also be related to the upcoming release of their watch. The watch has fitness sensors (or is supposed to) and Apple is not going to sell a competing product. That is understandable. If they block further deployments and updates of the Fitbit app however - that...
  4. Donald King

    Microsoft complete extended warranty for business?

    Jordi - when we purchased ours I received an email with a link to a web site where I could go and register the SP3 serial numbers.
  5. Donald King

    Microsoft Offering Lumia 830 and Fitbit Package Deal

    I love my SP3. But I have to admit I owned two Windows Phones (Lumia 520 and a Lumia 920) and after a few months went back to Android. The Windows Phone OS is amazing, but a good OS does not a good smart phone make. A free Fitbit does not make up for the lack of app support in Windows Phone...
  6. Donald King

    Microsoft complete extended warranty for business?

    Interesting - maybe we will try that. CDW sold us a Microsoft warranty, not some CDW extended thing. So I wonder why we are getting refurbs, or if they are new units just not retail packaged.
  7. Donald King

    Microsoft complete extended warranty for business?

    We purchase it for all the new SP3's we buy. We purchase our SP3's and warranties through CDW. I can't really speak to the difference other than it is a year longer. We have had two SP3's break and received replacements for them (refurbs I'm sure). There is a MS store a couple of hours from...
  8. Donald King

    Will the i3 meet you needs? My thoughts

    Thanks for a very detailed post! This would have helped me. I bought the i7 / 8GB / 256GB. I need the storage and the RAM, but I have yet to push the processor at all. The i7 gets hot too. I love my SP3, but feel I would have been better off with the i3 or i5 with 8GB / 256GB to improve...
  9. Donald King

    Display Problem

    To me that looks like a bad display. I would return it for a replacement.
  10. Donald King

    Home Depot Blames Windows for Their Massive Security Hack

    User training is a lot of it, but yes you are correct in that all systems are vulnerable. I have a couple of hackers on my security team and believe me they can get into anything they want. Fortunately they use their powers for good :). I have learned over the years that it is not a question...
  11. Donald King

    Home Depot Blames Windows for Their Massive Security Hack

    True. One major problem is that a good portion of IT Execs think that if they put in a firewall, push out Windows updates regularly, and enforce an AV product on the systems, then they are protected. Most people in IT know better. Good IT security goes far beyond technology.
  12. Donald King

    Home Depot Blames Windows for Their Massive Security Hack

    I have managed IT security for a few organizations - and absolutely yes I can tell you their protocols are to blame. Windows does certainly have some security flaws - but good IT security practice can overcome those flaws. And guess what? Every platform has potential security flaws. Anyone...
  13. Donald King

    Who can recommend a very good antivirus app?

    This is especially true for the personal versions. But as a 15 year IT Pro I can tell you Symantec's enterprise versions are pretty good and have lots of great management features. Of course I would never recommend Norton/Symantec for individual use. If you feel you must have an AV product...
  14. Donald King

    Who can recommend a very good antivirus app?

    I have to agree. I only use the built in Windows Defender - and have for a couple of years - without any other AV products and I never have an issue. I keep my files backed up with File History and once a month I take a whole system image to a USB disk. All AV platforms can be circumvented by...
  15. Donald King

    Poll List of common issues with SP3

    I have had no issues with the SP3. My WiFi and battery work well, no build issues, pen works when I use it although I am not a fan of pens so I rarely use it. I had had a couple software issues but those were not SP3 related - they were software issues that could have happened on any Windows 8...
  16. Donald King

    How to disable top drag to close an app

    I have not seen a way to do this. As far as I know it is a function of the OS. Out of curiosity - why do you want to disable it?
  17. Donald King

    SP3 i3 owners... Do you wish you would have upgraded?

    I did not buy the i3 model, I bought the i7. But this thread makes me wonder if I should have bought the i3. I manage an IT department and most of my work is done over RDP, SSH, or in web browsers generating reporting, metrics, etc. I like my SP3, but I feel like I would have gotten better...
  18. Donald King

    Possible Fault?

    Good point. I would try the same test using both devices in the same outlet, and also test by putting the monitor and the SP3 on different outlets that you know are on different circuits or different legs.
  19. Donald King

    Possible Fault?

    Mine did not have this behavior. I plugged my 24" monitor into the DP on the tablet, and waiting for it to come up. Then I plugged in the SP3 power repeatedly and the monitor never flickered or made a noise. I would look to get your replaced under warranty.
  20. Donald King

    Possible Fault?

    Wow that is interesting. I only use my second monitor in my dock, but tomorrow I will plug it directly into the tablet and see what happens when I apply power.

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