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  1. Riano

    Need help to set up Suface RT correctly

    Hello all, I have a Surface RT which runs Windows RT Preview 8.1 Build 9431. I cannot Access the MS Store ( "cant connect...try later", nor can I activate the Surface RT nor install Updates ( I get multiple Error Mssgs.) I don't know what to Do, so I would Really appreciate any help solving...
  2. Riano

    DVDs on Surface RT ?

    Hello, so i have this DVD in front of me and was wondering, if there's any chance to watch it on my Surface RT. I guess I have to rip the dvd and convert the .vob files to mp4, or any other surface rt compatible file ? Does anyone know a good converter, free, WITHOUT a stupid watermark...
  3. Riano

    Desktop IE + Keyboard?

    Hey guys, just one question: Is it possible, that the touch keyboard pops up automatically when using the internet explorer in desktop mode just like when using the "tablet mode"? I find it kind of annoying to always push the keyboad button.. thanks in advance cheers
  4. Riano

    MS Surface Phone

    Hey folks, actually I wanted to post this in a different thread. Somehow it did not work as I wanted. I just read some articles about the rumours saying MS is already testing the "Surface phone", and it could be introduced in the first half of 2013. What do you think of it, and have you...
  5. Riano


    Good afternoon folks, Name: Patrick Age: 21 From: Germany Device: Surface 32 GB and i cannot wait for the Surface Phone ;-) I just read some posts in this forum and i am happy to be part of this community ;-) So far

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