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    OneNote sync

    Is anyone having issues syncing their OneNote items? I made an entry in the metro version on my SP3 and can't see it in the desktop version. There is an x next to my notebook in the metro app. Furthermore I can't login to OneNote on my Android device.
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    Window Snapping Keyboard Shortcuts

    Is there a way to swap between snapped windows? So for instance, if I have two snapped windows open I would like to use a keyboard shortcut to bring one into focus and move back and forth between those two only.
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    At what temp does your fan kick in?

    I'm really starting to wonder whether I have a bad Surface Pro. My fan seems to come on a lot. I never do anything particularly intensive and task manager confirms this. I am primarily just surfing the Web. My fan can turn on around 54C and I'm wondering if this is normal. I'm at my wits end...
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    Links in the Mail App

    Sometimes whenever someone sends me a link in an email (this happens especially from someone with an ipad) the app doesn't recognize it as a link but just text. If I open the same email on my Android phone in the Gmail app or in the browser I see it as a link. What gives?
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    Type Cover 3 Issues

    Just want to know if this is everyone's experience or mine alone. Scrolling with my type cover trackpad is not reliable in the browsers (ie or chrome) and I sometimes have to swipe a lot just to move down the page and it's certainly not smooth. Also I've tried using the down arrow to scroll but...
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    Really annoying Google Search behavior with Internet Explorer

    This just started happening where if, I perform a Google search and then click on a result I can't go back to the previous search results without pressing the back button twice or swiping twice. Tested this on my desktop and it doesn't happen. They are running the same version with the latest...
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    Remote Desktop crashing

    I cannot get either the desktop version of remote desktop nor the modern app to work from my surface. Every time I try to log in it crashes. My desktop appears for a split second then disappears and sometimes I'm just left with a black screen and sometimes the app shuts down altogether. I know...
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    Blurry Photos in OneDrive App

    I'm experiencing an issue where my photos look blurry in the app on my Surface Pro 3 only. On my dell desktop running windows 8.1 I don't have this issue. These photos are not downloaded to my surface but are in the cloud. It also seems like there is a connection issue. The photos won't open...

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