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    Awesome Warranty Service

    Hi all. I had a hardware problem with my SP2 (WiFi), I rang MS on the 5th of may, sent SP2 to the service on the 6th. I received a New replacement one today the 15th, Perfect. What great service. Well Done service team.. I very happy.. BUT I hope I don't have to use you again. Thanks Heaps
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    Unable to connect to wifi

    HI all, my wifi has stop working on my SP2.. It's been working fine for the last 4 months but yesterday it just stop working.. It can see the different connections but wont connect to any, I've tried to connect to 5 different hot spots including my windows 8 phone internet sharing, but keeps...
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    Trouble Booting

    I've been having trouble booting/starting my SP2 from cold start, push the power button and nothing happens, it takes 4 or 5 tries to get it to fire up. this has happened twice over the last 5 days, as well the charger just stops charging it does charge than the light goes out on the connector...
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    deleted stuff coming back and sp2 working overtime while idle

    Hi all, My sp2 has been (twice in the last week) working overtime to the point were the fan kicks in while idle,, and there's been a couple thing (avi's, mp4's) re-appearing back in the recycle bin after the bin has been emptied.. And my sp2 has been getting very slow at times,, I've done a full...

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