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  1. thisispants

    Patch Tuesday Today

    How do I power off with the Fn key?
  2. thisispants

    Changing IE tile size - Surface RT

    For some reason I can't change the size of the internet explorer tile? Any ideas? I'm fairly sure I could when I first changed the tile to small, now for some reason I'm unable to change it back to large. I don't have this problem with any other tile..... Thanks!
  3. thisispants

    8 Products That Won't Make It To 2014

    It surprises me how negative the reviews for the surface rt are. It's a great product. I agree initially the surface was very buggy, but the updates have sorted a lot of it out! I think it's just that most people hate microsoft and want them to fail. Unfortunately they don't have the best...
  4. thisispants

    Surface RT can't keep up with repeated backspace taps

    My surface can handle it fine. However I vaguely recall this happening to me early on. Are all your updates installed?
  5. thisispants

    Surface Design - Left Handed

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but left handed people generally still have the use if their right hand, correct?
  6. thisispants

    Surface RT can't keep up with repeated backspace taps

    I'll give this a go tonight. While there are obviously various methods to delete text, it's fair to expect the surface to handle all of them
  7. thisispants

    Windows 8 Mail, People, Calendar apps get minor (but welcome) updates

    Not noticing too much different... What are the changes for the mail app?
  8. thisispants

    System Refresh is an Involved Process

    Yep, I was in the same situation and did a refresh. I couldn't figure out where all my hard drive space went, turns out I had 10GB taken up by past windows installations. Annoying.
  9. thisispants

    Windows updates on RT

    It's worth it. The performance is much better.
  10. thisispants

    Windows updates on RT

    So I did a refresh and the problem persisted. I then did a full system reset.... updated the surface and everything is peachy. I'm not sure why it happened, but the reset did the trick and now the surface seems to be performing significatnly better. Fingers crossed it stays like this!
  11. thisispants

    Windows updates on RT

    Has anyone else had any trouble getting the surface to properly install the windows updates? The majority of the updates are listed as failed on my surface and it's getting quite annoying. It's also quite difficult to attempt to update the failed files again, as there isn't really an option...
  12. thisispants on Surface RT

    Hi, I have a bit of an issue. I own a Surface RT. On the whole I'm happy with the Surface, however it does get a bit buggy at times requiring a restart, which is annoying. However, I want to subscribe to the subscription service. Unfortunately it looks like the mlb won't be making a...

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