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  1. gwinegarden

    Missing Mail

    The email, suddenly, reappeared, today. Go figure.
  2. gwinegarden

    Missing Mail

    A strange one! I received an email, the other day. When I went back, today, to refer to it, using the Mail app on my Surface, it was not there. But, when I searched for the author, it appeared. Went back to the in box and, again, it was not there! Grabbed my phone and brought up mail and...
  3. gwinegarden

    Is This Finally the End for the Surface

    Major shareholders are not interested in anything but share prices. They have no loyalty and would sell Microsoft to the highest bidder.
  4. gwinegarden

    Any Info RE: Surface System HARDWARE Update FEB 11-2014 (not firmware)

    Strange my update history says I have not had an update since 10 Feb. I checked for updates and all that shows up is the Defender daily.
  5. gwinegarden

    Very strange issue postin here

    I haven't been able to find it
  6. gwinegarden

    Too Many USB Devices Not Enough USB Ports

    I know that the SP2 is quite the piece of hardware, but it's a tablet.
  7. gwinegarden

    Very strange issue postin here

    Just recently, I have been having serious issues posting to this site. All on-screen keyboards are going insane. Sometimes, I have to hit a letter several time before it appears. Sometimes, the wrong letter appears. Sometimes, the letter appears then disappears. This occurs only on this...
  8. gwinegarden

    New user, help deleting recovery partition please

    I was talking to MS support, yesterday. He was saying that it is not a good idea.
  9. gwinegarden

    Help wanted: Finding, buying and connecting a wireless printer to a Surface RT 8.1

    I have a Brother HL-2270DW and it works fine.
  10. gwinegarden

    Remote Desktop setup on S2

    I think I will just use Splashtop.
  11. gwinegarden

    Remote Desktop setup on S2

    I am trying to setup Remote Desktop, on my Surface2. All documentation, that I have seen, shows that you go to Control Panel/System Properties/Remote. There, you should see two sections, one where you turn on Remote Assistance and, below that, one for Remote Desktop. I do not see the Remote...
  12. gwinegarden

    Can tweeting a page ever be as easy as on an iphone???

    I have only one question, Dakir, why did you buy a Surface?
  13. gwinegarden

    My good/bad experiences with the Surface / wont be getting Surface 3

    My Surface 2 RT wakes up instantly, which would be a better comparison to an iPad.
  14. gwinegarden

    Quick question about IE in Win8

    I haven't found a way. The 'modern' version still needs a lot of work.
  15. gwinegarden

    Lenovo Thinkpad 8

    Saw a video about it (can't remember where). Seems to be VERY nice.
  16. gwinegarden

    Bought Surface 2 Months Ago, Hasn't Worked Yet. . .

    As we say, in the business, I think that the problem is "organic".
  17. gwinegarden

    Swipe to go back - slow re-loading webpage?

    I have also noticed that, on occasion, the browser seems to get lost. Sometimes, when I go back, it goes to a page before the previous one.
  18. gwinegarden

    Problem when using earphones

    No problems, here. Have you tried different headphones?

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