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  1. oneniner

    Unable to upload files

    Surface RT with 8.1. It no longer uploads files through the web browser. For example apply for a job and upload a resume'. I click browse in the web page, navigate to the document, select open and it never populates on the web page to continue. Same be behavior is noted with IE and UC browsers...
  2. oneniner

    Windows Key and OneNote on Surface RT

    I use One Note with PCs and take a lot of screenshots with <Windows><S> key combination. But I have not been successful in getting Windows key on the touch keyboard. I have tried the full and split options and can't find anything in settings. Other than connecting the keyboard, is there a way...
  3. oneniner

    Whitelist for Flash Player sites

    I was using the News app today and ended up at a location where Flash content was not enabled from After some research I learned that MS has a .xml file it uses as a whitelist for sites approved or permitted to display flash content. I also found third party app and hacks that...
  4. oneniner

    New to Surface RT and have some questions

    Hello all, After much research, finger poking, and advice and comments from this forum I purchased the Surface RT. Using it only for only a few days now but so far I love it. We have an Android tablet and iPad in the house and IMHO the Surface is more feature rich and versatile than the others...
  5. oneniner

    No Media Player on RT

    I was messing with an RT at Best Buy and I noticed Media Player is not included. What App is used to play movies? XBox looks like a store and a player for movies from the store. Is VLC on the App store?
  6. oneniner

    Touch cover or Type cover

    Anyone have the type cover? Any preference or advantage one over the other? I'm leaning towards type cover just for the feel of they'd. Thanks in advance.
  7. oneniner

    Seriously considering an RT but.....

    I was an early adopter of the Toshiba Thrive. Needless to say like many others I am not a happy camper and I'm in the market for a replacement. The iPad is attractive but the cost, Apple only cables, and lack of USB put me off. Android tabs a plenty and the Nexus 10 seems a good choice. However...

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