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    Reselling the Skydrive and Skype vouchers allowed?

    Hello community, there are quite a few offers for the Surface Pro 2 vouchers: Skydrive (200Gb for 2 Years) and Skype calls+WiFi on ebay. Personally I'm quite sure that I wont ever need those - in every case not as much as some extra bucks for the most expensive time of the year xD So I...
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    Calibrate the pen-input with Wacom.

    Hello dear community, like quite a lot of people before me, I also have the issue of un-accuray on my Surface Pro 2 and its pen. There is apperently this solution: Proper Calibration Approach for Screen but it's said only to work with the standard windows drivers. The Wacom drivers which I...
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    Typing-Settings and OneNote

    Hello Community, it's great to have found a community dedicated to the Surface's and Windows 8. As a fresh owner of a Surface Pro 2, I have some little problems and hope someone here can help me. It seems like whatever I adjust in the computer-settings of the device, especially the...

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