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    Surface Book or Surface Pro 4

    Thank you hughlle, and I agree regarding the battery life of the tablet. Granted, the user could “flip” the screen and re-attach it to retain the 12 hour battery life; however, now you’re carrying around almost twice the weight of the Surface Pro 4. (Full disclosure: at 3.74lbs, it’s highly...
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    Surface Book or Surface Pro 4

    Well, thank you; however, my concern was not that of a laptop vs. a tablet, but rather the “value” of the added cost for the Surface Book. Although one may wish to quibble with the logistics of the designs, in general, these two devices serve the same general purpose; that being a laptop with...
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    Surface Book or Surface Pro 4

    Apples to Parsley? Is that like a joke? I could see if I had inquired about a Surface Pro and a Dell XPS, that would be Apples to Oranges. But I inquired about two devices with identical hardware configurations; 256GB SSD Drives, Intel Core i7 Processors, 8GB RAM, Detachable Keyboards, and...
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    Surface Book or Surface Pro 4

    Hi all, tomorrow (Friday, December 16, 2016) the Surface Pro 4 goes on sale with a type cover included. So, which is the better deal? Microsoft Surface Pro 4 - 256GB / Intel Core i7 (with Type Cover) = $1,400 Or Microsoft Surface Book - 256GB / Intel Core i7 = $1,700 FYI: I have the Surface...
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    I'M DONE with my Surface Pro 2 and Microsoft

    I believe the majority of the time users post this "Goodbye" message simply out of frustration. Unfortunately, by the time their post is complete, their frustration has turned to spite as with the OP here. "Apple here I come". Although this will probably not change the minds of those...
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    I'M DONE with my Surface Pro 2 and Microsoft

    Same here, sorry to hear about your problems. I have the SP1 and it has been nothing but a delight to work with. I'm glad I didn't upgrade to the SP2... I'm really surprised Microsoft hasn't fixed that firmware update yet...
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    Mini Displayport to HDMI Not Working

    Similar issue, I found that if I plugged the Surface Pro in with the power connecter wire going up to the top of the device, HDMI wouldn't work. If I plugged the power connector with the wire going to the bottom of the device, HDMI would work. Not sure if this was just a fluke; but it worked.
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    Preaching Surface to My Company

    @machistmo, you’re really starting to sound like a troll. If you would have taken the time to read (instead of whine) you would have noticed he already has his “docking” issue resolved. Perhaps it’s time to sweep up the remains of your EXPLODED Surface and get on with your life...
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    One small thing I wish 8.1 did...

    Sorry, I was under the impression you guys knew everything... Microsoft Support If you need help navigating it, let me know.
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    One small thing I wish 8.1 did...

    Microsoft has a forum for the Surface Pro, I would think you would have a better chance of someone "that matters" seeing it there...
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    My stylus BROKE!!!

    Yes, it is supposed to "press"/click on the end closest to the pen tip. That is your "right-click" function.
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    Surface Pro is the perfect size

    Well, when it comes to the next Surface, whether it is the PRO or RT or both or neither, we should remember this adage: If at first you don’t succeed… you should probably stay away from sky diving.
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    So What Do You Think of the BIG Rumor Going Around? $199.00 for the RT

    What is the battery life of the RT? If it's 8-10 hours, I would probably pick one up for $200.
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    MS wants us to see them as a hardware company.

    I think the author here is a bit short sighted. I would agree that RT isn’t exactly what Microsoft envisioned, but I don’t believe the Surface RT was designed as an advertising stunt. I think the $900 million write off was simply to make way for new inventory. I believe we will see a change...
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    Any way to install Office 365 and keep Access 2003?

    I have run into problems trying to mix 64bit Office versions with 32bit Office versions... could this be your issue?
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    Anyone Tried One of These with Their Surface?

    Again, I'm not fond of the Touch Wheel (scroll), but it seems to work alright. Just as with all Bluetooth devices and the Surface Pro (and 8.1); connection issues arise. I have 5 computers at home, each has a different mouse. This is the order I prefer them... 1. Microsoft Bluetooth...
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    What to do with the Surface....long article

    There are just so many things wrong with this article... I don't even know where to begin.
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    Anyone Tried One of These with Their Surface?

    I have the Eclipse, it seems more comfortable than the wedge, but it seems all of my mice with the touch wheel appear too sensitive or don't work all of the time...
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    Displaying to HDMI?

    I'm using the MDP2HDMI Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Video Adapter Converter on Windows 8.1... no problems.
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    Reverting back to 8.0 RT from 8.1 RT?

    I originally made a backup of the SP Win8.0 using Marcium before upgrading to Win8.1. I was easily able to revert back when I found problems with 8.1. However, since then I have, once again, installed 8.1... although there are still some wireless issues (network and Bluetooth) I seem to be...

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