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  1. TimberWolf

    Where Do 'Saved Stills' From Windows Film & TV Get Stored?

    I don't see where Film &TV can take stills. Are you talking about the Photos app? If so, it should bring up a standard dialog box to save the image.
  2. TimberWolf

    Hello camera useless outside?

    So recently, I decided to try using my new Surface Book 2 outside. It wouldn't recognize me at all. I'm really surprised that MS can't even get the camera to work properly in an outdoor environment. It is, after all, a portable device. I'm not sure what the issue was, maybe it was too bright...
  3. TimberWolf


    The reason you are probably not getting any responses is: 1. Not many people actually own the SS. 2. The two machines are vastly different, so are not directly comparable. Therefore, how do you expect people to comment since you haven't stated what you plan on doing with the machine. They...
  4. TimberWolf

    Surface Book shuts down while on sleep mode

    Best thing you can do is enable hibernation, and/or leave the unit plugged in as much as possible. Or shut down the machine at the end of the day. Also, make sure you have all the updates. It seems that sleep functionality is completely borked on this machine. It is almost a year old and MS...
  5. TimberWolf

    New Firmware Updates (6/21)

    Go into Device Manager and see if your nvidia graphics chip is detected. Sometimes, after I re-attach the screen to the base, it fails to detect the nvidia card and only shows the intel GPU. Detaching and re-attaching the screen usually "fixes" this, as does rebooting.
  6. TimberWolf

    Worth waiting for SB2?

    If you are planning on using it strictly as a laptop, it isn't bad. But if all you want is a laptop, there are several choices that are cheaper and/or lighter. If you want to use it as a convertible, good luck. I say wait for version 2.
  7. TimberWolf

    Surface Book Continues to Rack up Great Reviews

    That is an old review, from back in Oct. 2015 when the SB first came out. Problem with the SB isn't the concept or design. From a strictly hardware point of view, the SB is extremely good. A truly inspiring design, IMO. The issue with the SB is just the numerous bugs in the software and...
  8. TimberWolf

    Horrendous Keyboard Backlighting

    I find that, in all but very dim rooms, turning off backlighting is much better than even full brightness backlights. Should help battery life, too.
  9. TimberWolf

    Office Download

    As far as I can tell, you cannot get Office 2013 on a CD. Even if you buy the "retail" version, all you get is the product key and instructions on how to download and install it. I would guess that 2016 is the same. Of course, this is still different than a subscription. You pay once and can...
  10. TimberWolf

    Can anyone do me a favor and test this out?

    Tried it, stutters on my machine. What I find interesting is that MPC only uses integrated graphics, as does VLC and WMP. There is no way to get any of those programs to use the dGPU! The option to prefer the nvidia chip is grayed out. Wow, this machine just gets better and better.
  11. TimberWolf

    Crashing when Reattaching Clipboard to Keyboard Base

    Yes, I get this too. Do you have the dGPU?
  12. TimberWolf

    nVidia not showing up

    Try detaching and re-attaching the clipboard. In my experience, if I've been using the clipboard for any length of time, the dGPU will not be detected upon first re-attaching to the base. I need to remove and re-attach to get it detected. Just another example of the amazing quality that is...
  13. TimberWolf

    Why is the SB's display so red?

    While it's possible that the is something wrong with your display, more likely that you are used to inaccurate displays. It is my understanding that MS calibrates the display to have a white balance of 6500k, which is the standard. Unfortunately, most displays are far too blue. So what you...
  14. TimberWolf

    Screen cracked

    Hmm, that is also where I grip the clipboard when I'm detaching it.
  15. TimberWolf

    clicking noise randomly

    I had them but the large November Windows update seems to have fixed it. Make sure that your OS is up to date.
  16. TimberWolf

    Stability and Reliability

    It will depend on just how badly you need the convertible abilities of the SB. If the only thing you need is a good laptop, then I suggest you return the SB, get a decent laptop for a lower price than the SB, and don't look back. I pre-ordered my SB (i5+NV/8GB/256) and I was in the same...
  17. TimberWolf

    What to do about new SB

    It really sounds like it is defective. You can spend more time fiddling with it, maybe even do a re-install of Windows, but more than likely you will need a replacement.
  18. TimberWolf

    take a picture - draw on picture

    The one downside of Paint is lack of pressure sensitivity. If that doesn't matter, then it is fine. Fresh Paint is also free in the MS Store, and does use pressure sensitive brushes. I've only played around a little bit with it, but didn't like it. There are so many better paint programs out...
  19. TimberWolf

    take a picture - draw on picture

    You can do that in pretty much any paint program. Just take the picture and load it it something like Photoshop or even Fresh Paint. Personally, I like Sketchbook Pro.
  20. TimberWolf

    How to turn handwritten autocorrect off?

    So, I have "autocorrect misspelt words" turned off in settings, yet when using the handwriting panel, it still seems to autocorrect words as I write or print them out. for example, I print out "Fortis" and instead it autocorrects to "for this." This is just one example of this frustrating way...

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