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    HDMI Not Working on RT?

    I found resolution from a member on wpcentral. It was a complete oversight on my part and I'm kind of embarrassed. I thought I was using original cable when in fact my dad had "borrowed" mine and left me his. The one he left wouldn't work on his Surface either and it was the one I was primarily...
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    HDMI Not Working on RT?

    It's only seeing Surface monitor. It doesn't recognize that I even have another plugged in. No chime or anything.
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    HDMI Not Working on RT?

    hjbhjbn When I say not working, I mean I can't even get signal from Surface. Surface does not even recognize I have plugged in HDMI cable. If I was taking an uneducated guess, I would say my HDMI output is bad. But I want to see if anybody else has had same problem and try a few things...
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    HDMI Not Working on RT?

    I am having trouble getting HDMI to work. I used it initially to test functionality and had no issues. But it hasn't worked since. I've tried multiple cables and different TVs with nothing. I can plug BB Playbook in on same setup with no issues. I can't really find any setting in control panel...
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    [GIVEAWAY] Surface with Windows RT

    Show up the ipads I would use to show my friends what a tablet really can do.
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    Surface Already Shipping??

    Same here. My 64g is "in process". Just called MS Store and spoke to rep. He did say it has not shipped, but will arrive on date specified in order. I'm hoping for the best, but not going to hold my breath just yet. Common sense would have me believe the farther away from distribution center you...
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    HDMI Port on RT

    I have read that the HDMI port is proprietary with a special adapter, a la Apple. But, saw close up in video and it appeared to be a microHDMI. It wasn't the best angle, but it had the right shape. Any ideas? I haven't found a good picture and specs are not listing microHDMI. They list it as...
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    Microsoft Surface Base-Model Preorders Sell Out in Less Than 24 Hours

    I picked up the 64g and ordered 64g microSD. Should cover any media needs that arise. Glad I did now. Just read OS, Office and standard apps eat up 12g. I figured Office would eat up space, but I hope this isn't par for the course. I can see 32g gone quick with a few games, apps and their info.
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    Microsoft Leaks Official Surface RT Pricing: $499 Without TouchCover; $599 With It

    Hope for the best I really wish we could have had a few more demos of software and operation of RT, mainly Office. Just dropped about $200 more than I wanted to on a tablet that hasn't been proven on an OS that is still pretty much a mystery. MS has a lot of us going on faith. I sure hope the...
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    Analyst: Microsoft Surface Pricing to Start at $399

    Would be great if MS brought it in at $300, but may be a little unrealistic. $400 seems ideal for market and MS. And it appears to be a realistic price point. It may anger a few OEMs but MS needs market share. $500 is getting into the ipad range and with no market dominance, unproven OS, and...
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    Micro SD Support on RT???

    WTF??? What has art got to do with micro SD?
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    Micro SD Support on RT???

    I'm trying to figure out if I need to shell out for 64g model RT. The specs I have found online for Surface RT and Pro are vague at best. I have tried to educate myself on SD formats and I'm even more confused now. I know there is a difference between SD, SDHC and SDXC as far as storage capacity...
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    Microsoft Press Event October 25 Set to Launch Windows 8 and Surface Tablet

    Can we get a "real" MSRP already? I have a Nokia 920 to buy week after Surface RT release. Going to be expensive couple of weeks.

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